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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Chicago Home

Mold Damage developed when the sump pump in the basement failed while the homeowners were on vacation. By definition “Sump pumps are employed where baseme... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Beverly House

Fire damage began with an electrical fire in the basement of this home as can be viewed in the before photo. There was a tremendous amount of smoke damage to th... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Beverly Home Kitchen

Fire damage from a grease fire left soot and smoke damage on the hood of the stove in this kitchen. There was fire extinguisher residue that needed to be also r... READ MORE

Water Damage in Alsip

A water line burst in the attic crawl of this building in Alsip causing a steady flow of unwanted water that eventually soaked through the drywall. The wetted g... READ MORE

Commercial Damage to a Gymnasium Floor

The basketball legacy in Chicago means there is a lot of basketball courts and gyms nearby. The water damaged Chicago court was the result of a sewage blockage ... READ MORE

Downtown Chicago Commercial Water Damage

Puddles of water were discovered on the rubberized floor of a fitness center. This commercial water damage to a Downtown Chicago local establishment was minor d... READ MORE

Blue Island and Storm Related Damage

Even though sturdy timber supports the frame of a Blue Island storm damaged home, the drywall will suffer water damage. This porous material does not hold up we... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In a Doctor's Office

A small future doctor's office suffered commercial water damage when a fierce wind off the Lake drove sheets of water inland. The concrete in the service area d... READ MORE

Calumet City Wet Zone

Heavy rains, pushed in from the Lake, flooded this home in Calumet City causing water damage. The restoration process required removal of the ceiling drywall an... READ MORE

Downtown Chicago Commercial Water Damage

When a fire-suppressant sprinkler burst on the first floor of this Downtown Chicago hotel water damage was the outcome. Luckily, only the first-floor corridor w... READ MORE

Burnt Home Can Be Restored

A roaring inferno devastated this structure to an almost full teardown. But, with the professional removal of all fire damaged materials in this Alsip property,... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Beverly Home

If you see that your garage has suffered a water damaging storm in your Beverly house, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City to clean up the mess an... READ MORE

Evergreen Park Storm Damage

High winds and a driving rain meant a storm damaging event in this Evergreen Park house. Water leaked in from the doors and windows in the basement kitchen apar... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Kitchen

When a frozen water pipe bursts in the ceiling it can cause water damage to a South Side Chicago kitchen. The spraying water wicked through the insulation and d... READ MORE

Small Commercial Office Has a Water Problem

When a water line has a pinhole leak, over the weekend it can cause problems. This small Evergreen Park Office suffered water damage, but fortunately, tiles pre... READ MORE

Black Mold Attacks a Home in Beverly

The only way such a large black mold growth in Beverly can occur and go unnoticed is if the house has been vacant. This foreclosure was rife with mold in a loca... READ MORE

Storm Damage Resulting in Mold Growth

Looking at this dismantled kitchen does not suggest a substantial amount of mold growth. There was a sufficient number to remove the entire kitchen. The homeown... READ MORE

Beverly Fire Damage Calls for Reconstruction

The photo illustrates how fire damage in Beverly may appear at first glance. A charred mess, with no seemingly hope of restoration. Most things can be fixed if ... READ MORE

Evergreen Park Water Needs a Restoration

A fire in the attic caused unseen fire & smoke damage problem in Chicago. Before this work could be done the water had to be removed from the room. The carp... READ MORE

Smoke and Fire Damage in Chicago

This vacant property left unattended, was subjected to fire and smoke damage in Chicago. This "fire sale" structure needed some aggressive rubbish removal and c... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Chicago Home

Storm damage was the result of high-speed gusty winds that accompanied a band of thunderstorms in the area of this Chicago home. The window was blown out and th... READ MORE

Mold Problem in Evergreen Park

Looking up while taking a bath and seeing a damaged top-hat fixture with a mold infestation means there is a problem. The first reaction, to clean the mold with... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Chicago Ad Agency

Water Damage occurred at this commercial advertising agency in Chicago when a major breach in the roof allowed hundreds of gallons of water to enter the office ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Chicago Condominium

Mold damage at a Chicago condominium was the result of a worn out leaky water heater. Before merely replacing the water heater the are need to have the mold cle... READ MORE

Water Damage – Chicago Apartment

Water damage occurred at this Chicago apartment when a window in the dining room was blown out during a fierce thunderstorm. The apartment required special trea... READ MORE

Chicago Fire Damage to a Kitchen

Chicago fire damage and water damage can be seen above. Water damage was sustained in the firefighting effort. The damage was so severe that the home required b... READ MORE

Moldy Chicago Bathroom

Sometimes we take an opportunity when it presents itself. Mold is never a welcome guest, but if it does appear because of a moisture issue in your bath area, yo... READ MORE

Chicago Commercial Storm Damage

Chicago Commercial Flood Damage After a major Chicago storm came off the Lake, this retail facility was left with several feet of Flood Damage. The clients need... READ MORE

Flood Damage in a Chicago Structure

Chicago flood damage occurred when a pipe broke in the ceiling trapping the water behind the walls and severely damaging the sheetrock. Here you see a wall with... READ MORE

Chicago Mold Damage

This building experienced significant mold damage. Because mold can produce allergens and irritants, and can destroy framing and drywall, you should consider hi... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Chicago City

When a home suffers water damage, a mold infestation can quickly arise and spread throughout a home in 48-72 hours. A small amount of moisture, along with a foo... READ MORE

City of Chicago Water Damage

This room suffered significant water damage in Chicago. When your Chicago home has water damage from flooding or leaks, you need the company that can respond im... READ MORE

Water Damage in Chicago

Chicago water damage can ruin any room in your house. Sometimes demolition of a partial wall is the best step to take during the water damage remediation servic... READ MORE

Commercial Water Removal – Downtown Chicago

Commercial water removal was necessitated when a sprinkler head was hit and broken leading to substantive water damage. The broken sprinkler head was located on... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Chicago Condominium

Storm damage to this unfinished Chicago condominium occurred when heavy rains produced a breach in a recently installed door on the lower level of the condo. Th... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Chicago Kitchen

Fire Damage at this Chicago home’s kitchen began when a small kitchen appliance shorted. Before the fire was extinguished the home had suffered significan... READ MORE

Crawl Space Mold Growth in Evergreen Park

The moist conditions in this crawl space in an Evergreen Park home needed remediation to stop the spreading of these fungi. We scraped off visible mold growth, ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage – Chicago

Commercial fire damage at this Chicago office building resulted from vandalism. A fire had been started in the waste container by vandals. The before picture sh... READ MORE