Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In West Englewood

After a water damage incident in your West Englewood property, you need to call SERVPRO. Our water damage experts will inspect and test to determine the extent ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage – Chicago

Commercial fire damage at this Chicago office building resulted from vandalism. A fire had been started in the waste container by vandals. The before picture sh... READ MORE

Commercial Water Removal – Downtown Chicago

Commercial water removal was necessitated when a sprinkler head was hit and broken leading to substantive water damage. The broken sprinkler head was located on... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Chicago Ad Agency

Water Damage occurred at this commercial advertising agency in Chicago when a major breach in the roof allowed hundreds of gallons of water to enter the office ... READ MORE

Small Commercial Office Has a Water Problem

When a water line has a pinhole leak, over the weekend it can cause problems. This small Evergreen Park Office suffered water damage, but fortunately, tiles pre... READ MORE

Downtown Chicago Commercial Water Damage

When a fire-suppressant sprinkler burst on the first floor of this Downtown Chicago hotel water damage was the outcome. Luckily, only the first-floor corridor w... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In a Doctor's Office

A small future doctor's office suffered commercial water damage when a fierce wind off the Lake drove sheets of water inland. The concrete in the service area d... READ MORE

Downtown Chicago Commercial Water Damage

Puddles of water were discovered on the rubberized floor of a fitness center. This commercial water damage to a Downtown Chicago local establishment was minor d... READ MORE