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Cleaning Your Water Damaged Home After A Bathtub Overflow in Chicago

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Cleaning Your Water Damaged Home After A Bathtub Overflow in Chicago Chicago Water Damage is Mitigated with Rapid Removal by SERVPRO Technicians

Water Affects a Chicago Structure and Contents in Various Degrees

The most common claims on home insurance are related to water damage. There are several possible causes of water damage, and bathtub overflow accidents are amongst some of the most common. Several problems can come from your bathtub overflowing in your Chicago home, including the growth of bacteria, leaking ceilings under the tub, ruined flooring, wet plasterboard, and weak and unsafe subflooring.
It is easy to understand why quickly taking care of this type of water damage is essential. Your Chicago home can suffer from various damages, many of which can significantly affect the strength of the structure. It is precisely why SERVPRO is always standing by with professional and knowledgeable crews to help you in your time of need. Our staff has all been properly trained, and we have the right equipment needed to do the job correctly.
Once we have removed all the standing water from your home, we need to clean any areas which were affected. Structural items, like subfloors and walls, might need cleaning. We clean restorable materials with the right cleaning method for each type of material. We always use professional products and ensure that your home looks as good, if not better than before the water damage.
If the overflow leaked through the floor to another room downstairs, SERVPRO techs might need to clean things such as carpeting. Any of these areas not only get cleaned but deodorized as well. Our carpet cleaning methods can be grouped to how effective they are in different levels of soiling.
Any contents of your home which have been exposed to high humidity are evaluated for cleaning needs. Some wood furniture could require cleaning and polishing from the high humidity exposure. We also check any clothing, closets, or storage areas in the water damaged sections of the home for items that need cleaning and deodorizing. We check photographs and wall hangings as well, and electronics could need unique drying and cleaning services to restore them.
SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City does not overlook anything when restoring your home from water damage. Getting in contact with us right away at (773) 337-3900 when your home in Morgan Park, Beverly, or Hometown has experienced a water damage emergency is essential in preventing additional damages.

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Chicago Homes Are Susceptible To Attic Mold Damages

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Chicago Homes Are Susceptible To Attic Mold Damages Regularly check your attic as best as you can for the presence of mold damage.

Mold Damage In Attic

Chicago homes are known for their ability to withstand the harsh environments that come through the fall and winter every year. What you may not understand, is that a compromised roof could allow moisture to seep into the attic space from snow or ice on the shingles that have not melted away. When this new moisture is allowed to continue unchecked in your attic space, mold can find plenty of places to grow.

Since mold damage to your Chicago residence typically happens involving organic materials, you should appreciate the options available in your attic right now. Most construction uses plywood backing against the joists of your roof, and all of these components provide the right base for a mold colony to successfully feed and grow. It is a good idea to get in the habit of periodically checking up in your attic area for the presence or signs of molding, especially if you are not one to typically go into this area of your house.

While you should be able to smell the overwhelming musty scent of a thriving colony, sometimes this can be difficult to do if you have a decent ventilation system in place. Visual inspections can also be misleading at times, as newly forming colonies are not often overly noticeable to the naked eye, nor can you see the complete hyphae of the organism this way.

Our SERVPRO team of IICRC Certified technicians can provide inspections of your attic space to provide assurances that fungus is not currently present and that the conditions of your attic are not likely to create these organisms in the future. If something is found, our technicians begin their remediation work right away.

The process is all about preventing the spread of the fungus by neutralizing its spores in the air. The neutralization procedure uses a negative air chamber. Once these spores have been contained, thoroughly cleaning the area is the next step. This process changes based on the type of mold and how deeply it is rooted, but all of the colonies get removed at this time.

Regularly check your attic as best as you can for the presence of mold damage. If you smell or see anything that might indicate a fungus is present, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City anytime at (773) 337-3900.

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Quality Water Damage Mitigation Services Available for Your Chicago Area Business

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Quality Water Damage Mitigation Services Available for Your Chicago Area Business SERVPRO offers IICRC-industry trained professionals to quickly and thoroughly mitigate water damage in your warehouse.

SERVPRO's Quick Response Time Means Reduced Costs and Prevention of Permanent Damage

Water invading your Chicago area warehouse can lead to a variety of unavoidable circumstances. With these issues causing business owners billions every year in repairs, causing slowdowns or shutting companies just like yours down for good. You need a professional to help you address this problem correctly to do more than merely survive.

If you find your Chicago area business suffering from water damage or flooding recently, give us a call immediately. We have 24-hour emergency response services that make it possible to prevent potential secondary damages from forming and limit any losses you might experience. Acting quickly after an emergency occurs in your warehouse means that you have the opportunity to reduce costs and prevent permanent damage.

SERVPRO technicians use a variety of equipment to remove water quickly and advanced drying methods to restore your business, company assets, or inventory fast. With access to water extractors of all shapes and sizes, infrared moisture detectors, hygrometers, dehumidifiers, air movers, and a variety of attachments, we can remove hidden pockets of water found anywhere on your property.

At SERVPRO our technicians are IICRC-industry certified, which means that we can address every aspect of your warehouse, including storage, boxing, and shipping equipment, office areas and more. We offer full-service solutions to any circumstances that may arise and show our dedication to providing quality results in everything we do. 

If your building has a leaky roof, plumbing problems, or a flood caused by a recent storm, SERVPRO technicians can help. We specialize in water damage mitigation services while our staff assists with filling out paperwork associated with your claim. Our technicians work hard to ensure your businesses doors remain open, reducing or eliminating any losses in revenue while repairs are underway. 

Give our expertly trained staff an opportunity to provide you with excellent services you can trust. We are proud to provide area residents and business owners with emergency services that help get them through tough times. 

Contact us at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City for additional information or to begin your warehouse restoration immediately. Our technicians are ready to respond, Faster To Any Size Disaster. Give us a call, today. (773) 337-3900

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Respecting Your Outlets Can Prevent Fire Damage to Your Chicago Home

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Respecting Your Outlets Can Prevent Fire Damage to Your Chicago Home Overloading power outlets can cause a fire to spark in your home.

Understanding Common Causes of House Fires

Fires happen all the time in Chicago. When you are the one the fire is happening to, you want to figure out its cause and how to get back to the way things were before. Understanding some of the most common causes of small house fires is an excellent start to keeping yourself safer throughout the year. Overloaded power outlets provide a perfect storm for sparks or electrical arcs to catch nearby materials on fire. Stressed outlets are a primary cause of many household fires.

When your Chicago home is fire damaged, you need to find out why it happened. Our SERVPRO team can help you to clean up the mess and restore the damage, but also has the experience to help you determine where the fire originated from based on the severity of the damages. As common as overloaded electrical boxes are, it remains one of the leading causes of accidental house fires. You need to know how to operate your power outlets within safe parameters. This information can potentially save your house from damages, but more importantly, save your life.

People ask too much of their power outlets all the time, but this gets even worse around the holidays. When you combine indoor and outdoor lights, the tree, and other decorations in with already stressed power sources, you are brewing a recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, the spark of a fire can occur from this overloaded outlet at any time.

The sooner you respond to restoring your home after fire damages the better. Our experienced SERVPRO professionals can clean up the damages and bring the structure and contents of the room back to preloss conditions. The longer that you wait, the more likely that soot and smoke damages seat themselves into your furniture, flooring, and walls. This spells a higher insurance claim to cover the repair costs, or worse yet, more out-of-pocket expenses if you are underinsured.

The best thing to do is to call as soon as you can. Our professionals at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City rapidly respond 24/7, and you can reach us at (773) 337-3900.

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Chicago and Water Damage, We Have Options To Restore Your Home

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Chicago and Water Damage, We Have Options To Restore Your Home Leaks Lead to Major Restorations if not Attended to in Chicago Properties

Leaks and Drips Can Mean Extensive Damage without Professional Water Removal and Cleanup Services

Have you ever keenly looked at your home in Chicago recently? There is a possibility you notice water damage indications and effects all over. Most of these leaks are not noticeable at a single glance, while sometimes it might be quite clear; like leakage from your ceiling or beneath your floors.

There are several water damage scenarios in Chicago. With a lot of research and experience, SERVPRO can point out to you all the main situations that we have dealt with in the past. These include; leaking appliances and plumbing, overflowing sinks and toilets, flooded basements, lake driven thunderstorms and sewage back up. There are so many scenarios from what you may consider being insignificant to substantial issues. However, we are here to tell you there is nothing like slight water damage. It may start with a small drip or leak, and you find yourself involved with major home renovations that you had not planned.

When it comes to water damage, you not only need to repair but also ensure you take measures to it completely. It is also advantageous to have a professional assessment of the losses. To explicitly deal with a water damage problem there is need to use advanced equipment and techniques. We detect moisture and removes water very fast, giving your home more time to dry after we set up our drying equipment.

You can see that water damage is a very critical issue that you need to deal with adequately. You need a professional service, and SERVPRO should be your first choice. There are so many services that we offer including carpet drying, property restoration, sewage cleanup and water removal.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is your ideal solution to any water damage scenario. No matter the size of damage in your home, you should always turn to us. We are here to help you reclaim your home and live with peace of mind. Call us at (773) 337-3900 and get professional services at an affordable price.

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Drying Cabinetry Out In Your Chicago Assisted Living Home After Flooding

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Drying Cabinetry Out In Your Chicago Assisted Living Home After Flooding Drying time is affected by the construction of the cabinets.

Drying Water Damaged Cabinetry

Disaster can occur anyplace, anytime. Temperature changes can cause the water pipes to break or the fire-sprinkler line to leak in your assisted living home in Chicago. When this happens, you can experience significant flooding inside your property, even if the water only runs for a few minutes. You need expert help to get the place up and running as usual again, and to keep it safe for all your staff and residents.

You need someone who acts fast to come to the rescue after you experience commercial water damage in your Chicago property. SERVPRO are the ones to contact, as we are trained, experienced, and do not hesitate in getting to you in your time of need. Plus, you can even call us in the middle of the night if that is when the disaster strikes.

Depending on where the water damage is, you could be facing several affected surfaces, including cabinetry. Drying walls and floors behind or under cabinetry can be tricky. It can take more time because of the multiple layers of drywall and cabinet back.

Drying time is affected by the construction of the cabinets. If it does not have a back, SERVPRO techs can drill holes in the wall to let air circulate in the wall cavity. Once the all is dry, we patch or cover the holes. If there is a back on the cabinet, drying times are extended from the multiple layers which need drying. In these cases, holes can be drilled as well, and we then patch with a material that is similar to the cabinet back. We follow all regulations and laws and go over everything with you as the owner before doing anything.

If the walls were exposed to moisture for an extended amount of time, it is possible that the sheetrock is loosening. In this case, we consider drilling holes in the top of the wall, which allows for higher airflow in the cavity of the wall. If it is an exterior wall, fiberglass insulation could also be saved with this technique.

We can remove the toe kick, or under part of the cabinet as well to give more airflow under the cabinet. We treat the area with an appropriate biocide and use a vent system to force dry air into the cavity. Once drying is complete, we replace the base.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City can help you in your time of need so you can have a safe environment again in your business. Contact us right away at (773) 337-3900 to prevent more damage in your commercial building in the areas of Mount Greenwood, Chicago, or Evergreen Park.

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Steps to Recover From Flood Damage in Chicago

10/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Steps to Recover From Flood Damage in Chicago Flooding after a storm can be devastating. Contact the technicians at SERVPRO to dry your property and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Dry Out Your Property After a Flood

Water tamed into taps and pipes is necessary for cleanliness and drinking. Water raging because of storms or infrastructure failures is one of the most destructive forces, including the effects of flood damage to Chicago homes. Professional assistance when flood waters invade your home makes a tremendous positive difference, guiding to a successful restoration.
Illinois experiences both drought and heavy rains that cause Chicago flood damage within the same season. Homeowners need to be alert to the possibility of pop-up thunderstorms that dump vast amounts of water on the parts of the state in a short period. Sections of Chicago, like any other established urban area, struggle with adequate storm sewer drainage during this type of downpour. Many residences experience a degree of basement flooding during torrential rains, and the challenges of removing the water from and drying out the underground spaces require the expert services we offer.
Do not delay a call to SERVPRO when water floods your lower levels. The faster the flood waters exit, the more likely your home’s structure and contents survive the deluge with little lasting damage. Because the water building up in your basement is probably a combination of backed up sewer flow and rainwater seeping through foundation walls, contamination is an immediate concern. Our crews receive advanced training in identifying and remediating gray and black water and ensure we extract the possibly hazardous and infectious mixture, then contain and discard it according to local codes.
Truck mounted pumps and extractors tackle the task of removing the flooding efficiently even during power outages. Our crews then carefully inspect for hidden water in cinder block foundations or behind paneling or drywall, drilling through mortar joints or removing sections of wallcoverings to release the water. SERVPRO technicians place air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers to dry the basement thoroughly, using moisture meters to set and monitor drying goals.
The contaminated water leaves lingering hazards that our team attacks through the use of proven cleaning products and antimicrobials. We arrange an evaluation of any damage done to the mechanical systems and appliances that suffered for the incursion of flood waters and recommend they be put back into use only after it is certain their operation cannot result in safety concerns.
SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is your full-service partner when flood waters threaten your residence. Call (773) 337-3900 for a 24-hour response, with crews dispatched as soon as possible to get the restoration on track.

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Get Professional Mold Damage Remediation in Chicago

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Get Professional Mold Damage Remediation in Chicago Mold can be visible or hidden behind furniture. Rather than tackling the damage with a home remedy, contact SERVPRO and prevent a full infestation.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Vast Experience Dealing With a Mold Infestation

Individuals often try one or more times to remove mold from their homes on their own. The reasons for this vary, but the result is usually the same -- the mold keeps coming back. Understanding how mold becomes active and grows is important in understanding why it is a smart move to engage a professional mold abatement company.
You may despair because there are a few places in your home where mold damage in Chicago just seems impossible to remove. Hours of research and trips to the store to try new solutions fail. If mold growth in your house is a constant problem, the answer is hiring an experienced and reputable restoration company that puts a premium on training its technicians to respond successfully to a wide range of household crises, including mold growth.
SERVPRO is such a company. We believe the only way to meet our customers’ needs is to anticipate that often an issue that damages a home is probably linked to another problem that needs to be managed as well. In order to restore your home for the long term, our work crews are educated thoroughly as to both effective solutions and the many causes of a broad range of situations that damage both structure and contents of your home.
Mold damage occurs only when water intrudes and mixes with mold spores. The spores are found everywhere inside your home and also outside, ready to hitch a ride on your clothing, shoes, pets, and the wind blowing through your open door. It is unreasonably hard to eliminate mold spores in a typical home, business, school, or other spaces. What can be eradicated is the water, including the moisture you unknowingly infuse into the mold area when you use common DIY approaches.
Diluted bleach is probably the most frequently used home remedy, but it introduces more water into an area where mold spores wait for their next meal. SERVPRO breaks that cycle of incomplete mold treatment with strategies learned from IICRC approved courses.
When SERVPRO evaluates a mold damage job, there are two separate components to the job. We contain and remove the mold per EPA recommendations, sanitizing the areas to slow or halt future growth. Then we take the steps necessary to isolate the source of water that fueled the infestation. Until this part of mold remediation completes, mold will return.
Contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 for a mold damage solution that has long-term stability. Dealing with microbial outbreaks is best left to professionals with the training and equipment that is more than a match for mold.

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Fast and Flexible Water Damage Recovery for Chicago Businesses

9/29/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast and Flexible Water Damage Recovery for Chicago Businesses Your boutique most likely can stay partly open during restoration. Contact SERVPRO right away after damage for a consultation and great results.

SERVPRO's Quick Reaction After Damage and Plan to Keep Your Business Open During Remediation can Save You Money

Water damages not only the building but also the intangibles of your Chicago business. When you cannot be open to provide services or products for your customers and community for even a few days the harm done to your brand can be permanent. Our professional crews work quickly and offer restoration plans that frequently permit your business to remain open during our efforts.
Deterioration of building materials and fixtures follows months of hidden commercial water damage in your Chicago neighborhood boutique. The attraction you had to the ornate structure lessens when you realize ancient plumbing leaks warp beautiful hardwood floors and coved ceilings. Closing to attend to these challenges threatens to encourage your customers to look elsewhere for the unique decor items you carry. We have strategies to restore the damage done without closing your doors.
The SERVPRO project manager assigned to your business works with you to find the source of the water incursion and to devise a plan that permits part of your operation to remain open while our crews dry out wet areas. A retail enterprise that closes because of a disaster has only a 50 percent chance of reopening. We take pride in helping niche businesses stay the course while we complete a successful restoration.
Our team of trained technicians uses powerful extractors in the areas where water collected, and air movers and dehumidifiers to continue the moisture reduction. We swiftly erect temporary barriers shielding the work area and rely on our top of the line equipment to dry the area fast. Using only certified and experienced workers speeds the tasks without any loss of quality.
You also desire the special ambiance of your historic location to remain even after significant recovery efforts complete. SERVPRO has a restoration mindset, not a demolition and replace or remodeling tendency. We strive to understand what is special about your space, and use our skills and care to ensure post-water damage your space looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is ready to exceed your expectations when it comes to restoring water damage in your eclectic home furnishing store. Call (773) 337-3900 for a consultation with one of our experienced assessors.

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Repairing And Restoring A Chicago Home From The Effects Of Flood Damage

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repairing And Restoring A Chicago Home From The Effects Of Flood Damage Repairing and restoring your home from the effects of flood damage can be an expensive process.

The Effects Of Flood Damage

Storms are a common occurrence in our city. Not so common is the flooding that happens afterward, but it has been more of a problem in the last few years.

Repairing and restoring a Chicago home from the effects of flood damage can be an expensive process. SERVPRO works not just to fix your home now, but to prevent more damage in the future.

The best repair and restoration work we can do is before a flood happens. Much of the damage we find related to storm flooding comes from damaged or improperly installed drainage systems. A small gap between two gutter sections or a misdirected drain pipe can allow hundreds of gallons of water to flow down an outside wall. It can cause damage to the inside and outside of a home from the foundation to the attic.

Our technicians are trained to replace or fix most gutters, but we help you check if yours might still be under warranty before we get started. Drain pipes are easier to fix; in most cases, the pipe simply pulled away from the wall. It takes just an hour or two for us to check and either tighten or replace the restraining straps and bolts that hold the drains in place around your home. It takes another hour or two to make certain the reattached pipes drain away from your home and into the nearest storm drain.

Foundations are a source of leaks and seepage that can affect an entire home. Small leaks can put water into a basement which means not just water damage, but mold as well. To stop more flood water from coming into your home, we recommend waterproofing. To do this, our technicians dig out and expose the foundation walls. After we clean them, we apply a commercial-grade, liquid rubber sealant to all concrete and cement surfaces. This procedure stops water completely unless it rises high enough.

The weather looks good for the next few days, but the rain is coming back next week. If you prepare ahead of the next flood or may have damage left from the last storm, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900.

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