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Are You an Evergreen Park Homeowner with a Water Damaging Odor Problem? Contact SERVPRO

4/3/2019 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees dresses up as green storm troopers Presenting in Evergreen Park The SERVPRO Green Team--Exceptional Water Removal Technicians

Water Damage Needs Attention on Many Levels in Evergreen Park Properties

Water damage may occur as a sudden event such as a sudden pipe break from the harsh sub-zero winter temperatures in Evergreen Park or an appliance like a dishwasher or washing machine dumping water mid-cycle all over the floor. Sometimes a slow leak has quietly been eroding drywall from the inside out and collecting moisture and inviting mold to the party for a long time before it was discovered. The key to turning around the damage is to begin cleaning and restoration as soon as it is seen.

Absorbing or Mopping Water Alone is Not the Answer

Using towels or a mop to pick up the water you can see, is a good start for eliminating the water you can see, but water cleanup should not stop there. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City technicians use those methods too when needed. However, moisture can remain, and water may have run under flooring, wet carpet padding and there can be vapor barriers inside drywall that need drying. That begins the part of recovery from a water loss where you need professional assistance.

Fast Extraction is the Keystone of Water Damage Restoration

The more water that can be removed on the front end, the faster the premises can dry. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City technicians get to work with portable wet vacs or in the case of large-size water removal needs or tight places such as an attic or crawlspace; we have truck mounted pumps with long hose attachments to get the job done.

Secondary damage from moisture can come in the form of mold, mildew and weakened building materials is a real concern and eliminating the water you can see is only half the issue. When our SERVPRO technicians arrive on site, they have several types of equipment that measure moisture in different ways to ensure nothing is missed.

Our water damage technicians utilize moisture probes to determine how far moisture has migrated into soft objects such as carpet and padding. Thermal imagery is useful for peering behind walls and hard surfaces to find hidden pockets of water vapor. The affected areas are noted so when the drying phase begins; they are correctly addressed.

Thorough Drying Techniques for Rooms and Contents

When SERVPRO technicians set up air movers to dry a room, it is much more than merely setting up fans and walking away until the room is dry. Our technicians are certified in the science of psychometrics, or the study of air, gas and water vapors. The air movers are only one part of the process used when lowering overall moisture in a room. The air movers are strategically placed to bank off walls and move air rapidly across the surfaces. This action causes moisture to rise, and the water vapor is captured by a dehumidifier. Heaters are also sometimes employed to speed the drying process along when needed.

Special Drying Situations SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City Handles

Certain things in the property need special attention to dry correctly. Just because the carpeting in the living room was drenched by a plumbing mishap does not mean it is an irretrievable loss. Our technicians can use a weighted extractor that pushes down as it is moved over the carpeting and effectively pushes out water from the padding. Rovers are particularly useful for this as the technician stands on the rover and the added weight pushes out water from the carpeting. Much like a small riding lawn mower.

Carpeting may be dried in place using methods such as "floating" where one side of the carpet is lifted, and air movers are directed underneath to dry out the padding and the carpeting from the bottom up at the same time. Our goal is to clean and restore as much as we can on site.

If water removal and drying begin quickly enough after a water loss event in the home, we can turn around damage to real hardwood flooring. Engineered wood flooring and composite boards often do not fare well when saturated. Hardwood boards that show signs of cupping and buckling may still be recoverable with a specialized drying technique our technicians use with drying mats. The mats have many hoses that direct air into the floor and are placed and moved strategically around affected areas as it dries. This method is also used on tile flooring. For larger areas affected by water penetration, we can rig a "tent," plastic sheeting, low to the floor, to decrease

SERVPRO technicians are specially trained to handle unique drying situations where the application of various techniques may be needed to ensure proper drying of both the structure and contents. That is Why so many property owners trust our brand, SERVPRO.

When it Cannot be Cleaned and Dried On-Site

There are times we cannot clean or restore water damaged items on-site. In those cases, with the permission of the property owner and adjuster, we offer a pack-out and move service to dry items in our facility using our proprietary methods. This can apply to anything from books, papers to carpeting, personal contents, and more on a case by case basis.

Avoiding Mold as Secondary Damage

Where there has been water, there could be mold at a later date. SERVPRO technicians confirm through meter readings that areas that could harbor mold have low moisture readings and follow up after drying by wiping down surfaces with professional-strength antifungal and antibacterials to inhibit mold growth.

What About That Smell?

Even a little water damage can leave a big smell if it not cleaned up correctly and all the excess moisture removed. Fortunately, thorough drying and the location and elimination of vapor barriers behind walls, for example, is often enough to neutralize unpleasant scents. In cases where a stronger application is needed to get rid of water odors, our odor control technicians (OCTs) come into play.

There are numerous methods of removing odors from both the property and contents. Dependent on the nature of the odor, our technicians may use multiple methods to ensure the scents are eradicated. Simple techniques such as time release pellets are an effective masking agent when there is a low amount of residual odor. For more intense concentrations of odor, SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City OCTs may choose to use ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging. This equipment delivers an odor neutralizing solvent as a fog that changes the molecular structure of odor-molecules and makes that recognizable water odor a thing of the past.

If you suffer water damage in your home or commercial property, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City immediately. We are proud to serve the Chicago area including the areas of 60805, 60617, and 60649. Water emergencies cannot be planned, and our certified technicians are available 24/7 to clean up and restore water damage to any size property, we have the equipment and expertise to do the job.

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