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How Can Homeowners Remediate Water Damage in Chicago

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

worker pulling up wet carpet padding SERVPRO draws out moisture under carpets and replaces carpet pads to reduce the risk of delamination.

Professional Restoration in Chicago Needs to Be Part of Your Emergency Plan

Storm damage along the South Side of Chicago is unfortunate to both residential and commercial communities. Many of the tall skyscrapers are prone to the natural elements and sustain high winds. Wind, rain, and hail may produce significant damage to rooftops, windows, doors, glass, and cars. The physical consequences of storm damage are not the only type of problems that may occur. Many adults and children may be frightened by the sights and sounds of the storm, sirens, the physical destruction of property, and fears of the unknown.

Aside from the initial shock of the storm, we are positioned to respond to structural damage that may have occurred to residential homes and commercial businesses. Storms can lead to widespread power outages, downed power lines, and interruptions to mass communication. The saturated ground can make tree roots loose introducing another hazard of fallen trees. Trees can fall over into houses creating additional property damage in Chicago.
It is important to recognize that storm damage can be extensive, and the clean-up and recovery efforts may be widespread. Detrimental impacts may also impede the ability to go to the grocery store to obtain food and clean water. Public and private transportation may be temporarily prevented, and that may interfere with people getting back and forth to work. This creates financial burdens that people have to deal with. Fortunately, there are relief efforts in place to help offset the storm damage when it is significant to have widespread effects.
In the event of storm damage, have faith in our team of experts to help you clean up the destruction. We recognize that emergencies like this can cause emotional and disaster-related stress. Be sure to review your family emergency plan with the members of your household to be better prepared in the event of a disaster. Recognizing that disasters can occur without warning is essential to developing an appropriate plan of action. An emergency supply of food and water for 3 days is the minimum amount of resources needed to be prepared for the unexpected. A first aid kit is recommended to keep with your emergency preparedness supplies. Be prepared for down cell phone towers and the absence of modern technology.

SERVPRO Can Quickly Dry Out Your Flood Damaged Chicago Home to Prevent Further Damage

The current storm season in Chicago has hit our area with massive amounts of rainwater. Despite the millions of gallons of water that have fallen out of the sky, it is the hundreds of gallons from failed appliances and leaky pipes that cause the majority of damage to homes.

Storms cause flooding and flood damage to Chicago homes primarily affects the carpets and floors. SERVPRO technicians train to remove any standing water, draw it out of surfaces, and take quick action to prevent secondary damage.

We start with removing water. Depending on the depth, we begin with commercial grade pumps to draw out most of it and then switch to water extraction wands. These two devices help us to not only get the water out but to draw moisture out of carpets and floorboards carefully.

Drawing out moisture helps us lower the risk of delamination in carpets. It happens when the water softens the adhesive in the carpet which causes the layers to separate. That allows bubbles to form between the layers and carpet fibers to loosen and pull away when vacuumed. The risk of delamination is why we remove the pad from underneath every carpet. It is a source of water that soaks every inch of a carpet it touches.

Floorboards absorb standing water, and even pressure treated wood can start to twist and buckle after a single day under just an inch of it. The extraction wands allow SERVPRO restoration specialists to pull water from between the individual floorboards, reducing that risk of damage. Quickly removing the water also helps reduce the chance of mold infestation in floors and carpets. Spores cannot expand and grow without a source of moisture.

To speed along the drying process, we use air movers to force warm, dry air over and under the carpets and floors. Our specialists can adjust both the temperature and speed of the airflow to dry out both types of flooring without splintering the wood or heating carpet adhesive too quickly and forming air pockets.

When you need storm clean up, call our team of experts at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City to start the process at (773) 337-3900.

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