Storm Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO technician with water extraction equipment in hotel hallway

SERVPRO Helps With Storm Damage Cleanup in New Orleans

Hurricane Ida left a large amount of water damage throughout New Orleans and our team from Chicago jumped into action to support the community. This photo shows a SERVPRO team member actively working in a hotel with an extraction unit. 

Pic collage of Team Zubricki working on storm damage in New Orleans

Our Team Restores Hurricane Damaged Hotel in New Orleans

We are restoring a hotel in Downtown New Orleans after extensive water damage from Hurricane Ida. We traveled to New Orleans with semi-trucks filled with equipment to help this community. #Oneteam

office with water damaged floor covered in debris and 3 employees in white coveralls cleaning

SERVPRO Responds To Hurricane Irma Damage

The hard-working crews from SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City are still working hard to help restore commercial properties in South Florida from Hurricane Irma. The flooding in this particular property was deep, and it remained flooded for several days, so all of the drywall needed to be removed. The commercial building is still in the demolition stage and drying has not yet begun. Soon, the damage will be "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Storm Responder Award in a black frame

Award for the Response to Hurricane Irma

At SERVPRO, we take pride in our immediate response to disasters. A big thank you goes out to our local teams, led by David Mason our Large Loss Team Manager, who made the trip to help assist residential and commercial properties that were affected by Hurricane Irma. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City was one of many teams that dropped everything to aid those in need, and we received an award for our response to Irma.

two SERVPRO employees standing with a pilot giving a thumbs up

SERVPRO responds to Hurricane damage in Texas

The team from SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City traveled to Houston Texas to help in the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. Restoring storm and flood-damaged residential and commercial properties is the backbone of our company. Our team is ready to help business owners and home owners in the greater Chicago area, as well as in Texas.  Pictured is Frank Zubricki and Dave Mason from SERVPRO greeting a rescue pilot who was delivering much needed supplies.

water damaged hardwood floor warping and buckling

Stormy Weather Damage in Evergreen Park

The storm waters covered the hardwood flooring of this crawl space house and soaked in for several days before the extraction service was done. The warping of the planks was not salvageable, so removal, replacement, and a sanding and new finish application were needed. Count on SERVPRO to restore any water damage caused by storms to your property.

basement with tan carpet and a pool table

Chicago Flood Damage to Finished Basement

The Chicago Flood Damage to this basement affected structure, flooring, and furniture. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City extracted water and provided four days of deploying drying equipment and dehumidification. The results, as you can see in the picture above, were quite successful. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency at (773) 337-3900.

fallen tree sitting on a house

Fallen Tree Limb from Storm Damage Chicago

This fallen tree limb from storm damage Chicago first required removal of the debris, then the placing of protective tarps on the damaged structure. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City responded quickly to provide the needed emergency services during the storm. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency at (773) 337-3900.

room with cream walls and a four pane window

Storm Damage – Chicago Home

Storm damage had blown out the windows and done a serious amount of roof and ceiling damage. Here is what the room looked like after storm remediation and reconstruction. If storm damage blemishes your home, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City 24/7 at (773) 337-3900. We provide 24-hour emergency service.

room with bricks and building materials covering the floor

Storm Damage – Evergreen Park

Storm damage ripped apart this family room and screened enclosure at this Evergreen Park home. The storm was so powerful it tore off portions of the roof and broke the brick in the fireplace. The thing needed was to clean up the sizable quantity of building debris that had been knocked down. This structure was an older building, so it probably suffered more than some newer buildings in the area. There wasn't much that could be restored, so this became a demolition and rebuild. It is frightening to see how powerful Midwest storms can become. If you are faced with this kind of storm damage, call the experts at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City 24/7 at (773) 337-3900.

ceiling with wood framing and insulation exposed

Storm Damage - Chicago Roof

Storm damage had destroyed this room including the roof and windows. Here is a photo of the area with the windows replaced and the insulation in place awaiting a new ceiling. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City provides 24-hour emergency service. If you have this type of storm damage to contend with, call us at (773) 337-3900.

hallway with exposed subfloor and drywall removed from the bottom two feet

Chicago Storm Damage to a House

The window was broken from flying debris and a significant amount of rainwater entered and caused water damage to the walls and floors. We removed the carpeting and gutted the drywall so that we could restore this house to its preloss condition.