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Smoke Alarms Are a Vital Household Tool | SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City

5/14/2024 (Permalink)

smoke alarm surrounding by swirling smoke Keep your home and business safe from fire with these helpful tips from SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City!

Smoke alarms are the unsung heroes of fire safety, providing early warnings that could save your life when flames erupt. While this tool can be a lifesaver, they won’t do you or your home any good if they aren’t used correctly!

To protect your Chicago home from flames, you must keep your smoke alarms in great shape. This can mean ensuring they are installed correctly or testing them regularly.

We put together a few ways you can keep your smoke alarms in tip-top shape so that if flames emerge, your first line of defense will be ready to go!

Keep your alarms in check. Smoke alarms aren’t something you can just set and forget! To ensure your smoke alarms work as soon as you need them, you’ll have to maintain them often.

To test your alarms, press the test button on each of your alarms once a month. If your alarm makes a loud sound, that means it’s functioning properly. If not, it might be time to change the batteries.

Switch out the batteries. Check the model of your smoke alarms to identify how often the batteries should be changed, if at all. To avoid needing to switch them out often, make sure to use long-lasting batteries. Many modern smoke alarms use self-contained batteries that last 10 years, with the entire unit replaced at the 10-year mark.

While you’re switching out the batteries, go ahead and give your alarms a good cleaning. Wipe away any dust and debris that could keep your alarms from functioning properly.

Proper placement is key. Correct placement is vital when you’re installing smoke alarms in your home. This will ensure your alarms go off no matter where flames emerge in your Chicago home.

Make sure you have smoke alarms on every level of your home, from your attic to your basement. Install them outside all the bedrooms in your home as well. If possible, install them in your bedroom.

The kitchen might be a hotspot for flames, but you’ll need to place your alarms correctly to avoid any false alarms while cooking. Don’t place alarms too close to your kitchen; instead, keep them at least 10 feet away. 

When flames spark in your happy home, SERVPRO is Here to Help®. Contact us for rapid restoration after a fire.

Recovery from Fire Damage for Chicago Residents

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trailer and SERVPRO truck in a driveway Our technicians use a combination of devices and machines to pluck smoke and soot particles from your home in Chicago.

SERVPRO in Chicago Has Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians for Any-Size-Disaster

Fires affect millions of homeowners each year. Common causes are unattended stoves or malfunctioning electronics. Damage can include smoke staining, odor problems, and charring. Our role is to make sure your home returns to a preloss condition while minimizing inconvenience to your everyday life.

When fire damage affects your Chicago home, it is vital to enlist a qualified restoration service for assessment. Fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) can use their training to reduce the turnaround time of restoration. One method is by understanding how smoke moves through a property which allows us to find and assess the most likely areas where soiling conglomerates. Convection, for example, is a rule of thermodynamics. It dictates that hot air rises above cool air. When this process occurs, it generates air movement as hot air replaces cold air. In an enclosed environment, this air displacement creates pressure that drives hot smoke into the upper portions of the room. Typically, the areas with the most damage in any fire scenario are the ceilings directly above the flames. The driven smoke can push into cooler surfaces, increasing the number of smoke deposits in your home. In some situations, it can even bond soot particles to surface material.

The Impact of Surface Temperature on Fire Damage

  • High-temperature smoke attracts to cold surfaces.
  • High concentrations of smoke residue are typically found on cooler external walls, windows, and inside furniture or cupboards.
  • A professional must assess heavy soiling on interior surfaces before introducing water or other cleaning methods.

Carrying out a time-efficient initial assessment can be very helpful in reducing the stress of homeowners facing a fire damaging disaster. Our one-four-eight policy ensures that we arrange a service with you within one hour of notification of loss. We can send expert technicians to your property within four hours and produce a working estimate for you and your insurance adjuster within eight hours. Returning burnt homes to a preloss condition is most efficient following a thorough pre-test of different smoke residues and their response to cleaning efforts. We can then make informed choices about the necessary equipment, methodology, and time frames for restoring your home. SERVPRO always prioritizes essential areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to ensure you can get back to a semblance of normality as quickly as possible.  

Cleaning Products Versus Cleaning Equipment

  • Mechanical equipment can include pressure washers for building exteriors and rotary machines to dislodge dry soots from furniture or upholstery.
  • Household water-based cleaning products like detergents are less effective against some types of soot; that is why we provide specially formulated industrial-strength cleaners and solvents. 
  • Dry cleaning solvents use chemicals to break down wet or stubborn soot but inadvertently damage some materials. We pre-test to ensure there is no exacerbation of the fire damage.

Pre-testing residues, materials, and equipment is essential to our approach to fire restoration. As a homeowner, you may naturally feel obliged to begin clearing away debris or cleaning walls and ceilings. Some useful techniques for homeowners can be to ventilate the property by opening windows, allowing lingering particulates, ash, and odor to disperse. Another helpful approach can be to vacuum surfaces which helps to remove any non-bonded dry smoke. One aspect to avoid when attempting to assist in smoke removal is introducing water or cleaning products. If the smoke is greasy or wet, introducing moisture can cause further damage by spreading or setting soot. We also recommend staying clear of heavily smoke-damaged areas as foot traffic can drive soot into flooring- especially in carpeted properties. 

We are here to help with your property emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City for fire damage restoration at (773) 337-3900.

How to Eliminate Odors After a Fire Damage Incident in Chicago

2/6/2023 (Permalink)

toy Jeep covered in soot Toy Trucks and large Chicago homes are no match for SERVPRO's fire damage restoration services. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Neutralizes Odors during Fire-Damage Restoration in Chicago

Professional fire damage restoration services can help you overcome the overwhelming experience after the incident. Though the visible signs of the fire, such as smoke and flames, may no longer be there, the lingering odors may still be hard to eliminate. Our technicians have experience from previous incidents and use the proper techniques to neutralize them.

SERVPRO's fire damage restoration services in Chicago can return your property to its former state. Since we have been there before, we know where odors hide after a fire. Such areas include:

  • HVAC system: Soot and smoke can move along the ductwork and remain in the system. If that happens, it is easy for the odors to spread throughout the building.
  • Wall cavities: soot and smoke can penetrate the walls and cause odors.
  • Porous surfaces: Porous materials such as carpets and fabrics can absorb smoke soot and cause lingering odors.
  • Attics and crawl spaces can develop lingering odors after getting contaminated with soot and smoke.

Though some people decide to use fragrance to combat odors, it may fail to provide a long-lasting solution. When our SERVPRO technicians visit your property, we use various techniques to eliminate the odor. Some of the methods we use are:

  • Ozone generators: They produce ozone which is effective at breaking odor-causing molecules. We use the method to target odors coming from crawl spaces and attics.
  • Thermal fogging: Heat vaporizes a deodorizing agent in this technique, which consequently neutralizes odors. We use it to target odors existing on porous surfaces.
  • Hydroxyl generators: Produce hydroxyl radicals that break down and neutralize odor-causing molecules, mostly in walls cavities and HVAC systems.
  • Air scrubber: They have HEPA filters that trade odors and particles from the air. We use them in conjunction with other methods when eliminating odors.

Odor removal is a complex process since the resulting soot and smoke may have come from the combustion of different materials. However, our team is patient enough to work with you until we find the right solution.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is a Downtown Chicago Licensed Operator with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle all aspects of fire damage restoration. Call us at (773) 337-3900 and let us make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration Services You Can Count On To Save Your Chicago Home

10/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Salvages Chicago Fire Damaged Homes Swiftly

A home fire can be one of the most damaging experiences a homeowner can face, something no one should ever face alone. Fire does not simply cause damage to your home; it disrupts your life, destroys personal belongings, and often leads to loss of fond memories that you can never get back.
You can help prevent fire damage in your Chicago area home by learning more about various events that happen in your neighborhood. By discovering more about these incidents, you can eliminate common causes that affect you in your home. Remember, every home is susceptible to fire damage making it necessary for you to understand how to protect yourself properly.
Having an experienced, licensed, and IICRC certified fire damage restoration technician on your side would not hurt, SERVPRO can help put the pieces back together after disaster strikes. We can fully manage your restoration process and provide you with any additional services required to return your property to normal working order after an event occurs.  
Consider this; fires cause much more than heat and smoke damage. You would need to include water extraction, various types of cleaning, sanitation, deodorization, and many repairs to that list to be more accurate in your evaluation. SERVPRO technicians can provide you with each of these services, including repairs that often include replacement of framing materials, drywall, painting, and finish work necessary to return your home to normal.   
It is a firefighter's job to put out fires and save lives, leaving additional damage and water in their wake, they are not concerned with saving the contents of your home. It simply is not in their job description. However, every SERVPRO technician takes the time to address items individually, taking a restore versus replace mentality that often returns damaged items to a quality condition you can enjoy for years to come.  
Making the call to SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City puts your home in expertly trained hands that you can count on to put every effort into restoring your home properly after a fire. Learn more about what our technicians can do for you, call our office and begin your homes recovery, today. (773) 337-3900

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Chicago Fires have Degrees of Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

Inspection and Planning by SERVPRO Can Mitigate Fire Damage

Every fire is different, depending on how fast the fire burns, property consumed, and many other factors. Once extinguished, we determine damage according to three levels: minor, medium, and major.

Each type of fire damage in Chicago homes requires special services. To restore homes to their preloss condition, SERVPRO provides an extensive group of services. Depending on the kind of destruction and to what degree, we develop a restoration plan from these categories.

Mitigation – This first service is to secure the home and prevent more destruction; boarding up windows and doors for example. In one case where there was primarily smoke and soot residue, a homeowner waited overnight to call us. By the time one of our work crews arrived, a raccoon had entered through a broken window in the kitchen and caused several thousand dollars in damage throughout the house. The owner also had to pay another company to trap and remove the raccoon.

Structural Cleaning – If the smoke penetrated through walls and into the crawlspaces, then the beams and framing in a home need cleaning as well. In cases where a company simply replaces drywall and ceiling tiles, smoke odors do return. We wipe down metal and wood frames by hand or use a fogger in places where we cannot physically enter.

Contents Cleaning – Personal property absorbs smoke residue quickly, but can often be cleaned on-site. It may not be possible if the structure is determined to be unsafe or we cannot secure it. If necessary, our technicians pack up property and bring it back to our facility for cleaning and storage until we complete work.

Specialty Restoration – This category covers dry cleaning, refinishing furniture and cleaning electronics and artwork. In one case, a client spent their budget to replace the roof and to contract out the restoration of a 1950s era, reel-to-reel, tape recording, sound system.

Reconstruction – In cases of major damage, structural components (beams, columns, and load bearing walls) become compromised. When this occurs, our technicians place temporary, additional support structures to remove the damaged pieces. If there is too much damage, we may need to subcontract the labor or have the client hire a general contractor.

Restoring a home after a fire can be a long and expensive process. The only way to make it work is to carefully inspect, determine services needed and use one of the most experienced companies in Cook County. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is here to help, so call us today at (773) 337-3900 to get started.

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Protecting Precious Memories From A Fire in your Downtown Chicago Homes

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

Preserving Cherished Memories

Most people do not like to think about the possibility of their home catching on fire, but, what if it did? Assuming your family and pets all get out safely, what would be the things you are most upset about losing? You may have little to nothing left that is salvageable after a fire. Even if you have a good homeowner’s policy, it cannot bring back your treasured items such as photographs, personal papers, relevant documents, children’s artwork and your computer files. While all these things would be a great loss, sentimental belongings like your family photographs are at the top of most people's lists.

A good place to start, a fire safe can prevent fire damage to your precious memories. Most residential safes in Downtown Chicago carry a two or three-hour rating, however, which means they protect the contents for just a few hours in case of a fire. An even better way of protecting your personal and legal documents and family memories is to store copies of them somewhere other than your home. Then, when you have a professional remediation company such as SERVPRO come to restore and repair your home, this is one less worry.

Scanning Your Documents
Begin scanning each item by taking a digital picture, using your home scanner, or, for high quality or fine art scanning, use a scanning service. After you have digital copies of your documents, you must determine how to store them.

Make CDs
Upload your digital image files to an online service, which lets you create shareable online photo albums or get CDs burned. Think about having CDs sent to friends and family as a backup copy. Many people enjoy storing images on the hard drive of their computer and backing the images up on a flash drive, the problem here is most people forget to back up their pictures and documents, risking their loss, even from general computer issues. If you remember to back up your computer regularly, a flash drive is an excellent way to save precious memories. However, this is only if you keep it in your possession or give it to a family member for safekeeping. In the case of a fire, the flash drive and computer are lost. Remember that after a fire, SERVPRO needs to be called right away so they can come and restore everything possible in your home, and repair any damage.

Go To The Cloud
You can upload images to Yahoo or Google, however, for the most secure storage off-site of your important photos you are better off using a backup service like Cloud. Using Cloud storage puts your images on a remote service, and the packages include backups for your computer. The services use the same technology for encryption that banks use, so your images are protected.

Protecting your family memories from fire is something important to consider. If your family does experience loss from fire, be sure to reach SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City immediately. We can help you to get your home back to normal as soon as possible when you call us at (773) 337-3900.


Containing and Extinguishing a Fire Quickly Is Crucial

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

When thinking about fire damage, fire sprinklers might also come to mind. There is a good chance you’ve seen several movies where just a bit of smoke triggers all the sprinklers in a building to go off. But did you know that smoke doesn’t even trigger sprinklers? In reality, these sprinkler systems are activated by heat, one sprinkler at a time. A majority of fires usually only need one to two sprinklers to be put out.

You also might think that putting in a fire sprinkler system is the same as choosing water damage instead of damage from the fire. This is a take on the above myths, that sprinklers are activated by smoke and that they all go off at the same time. If this was the case, these systems could actually do more harm than good.

The smart engineers who made these systems, fortunately, made them to lower the damage to your property from smoke, fire, and water. For over two centuries, fire sprinkler systems have been helping put out fires and have seen vast improvements over the years. Early versions were truthfully quite unreliable and caused a lot of damage from water. However today, sprinkler systems are known to lower deaths and property loss by over sixty-five percent. Since each head of the sprinkler is triggered automatically by temperatures specific to fires, just one or two of them can extinguish or contain a fire to the room it began in rather quickly and cause a small amount of Downtown Chicago fire damage. Also, since sprinklers use around six times less water than a fire hose, they are less harmful to your property than the fire department visit will be.

Fire Prevention Systems

You know about properly maintaining your smoke detectors. You have also probably heard that annoying beeping noise they make when the battery is low. If you’ve also heard that a smoke detector is all you need for protection from fire, you’ve heard another common myth regarding fire sprinkler systems – you do not need them if there is a smoke detector in place. All they are is a signal to alert you of a potential fire and in the instance, they are hooked up to an alarm system they will also alert the fire department. They are necessary for fire damage prevention, but so are fire sprinklers. The presence of one doesn’t cancel out the other’s need. They work together to save property and life from fire.

When a fire begins, the smoke that results will set off a smoke detector in time, alerting residents. This can be a slow process depending upon where the detector is located. The fire is growing in the meantime, and alerting residents is important, but so is putting the fire out. When it begins, the fire quickly heats the air right above it. This air rushes and is pushed out to either side at the ceiling. This is what reaches the sprinkler head, activating it.

If you do experience fire damage in Downtown Chicago of any kind, make sure and contact our experts of SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City by dialing (773) 337-3900 right away. We can take care of your fire damage of any size and get your life back to normal.

Why Hydroxyl Generators Take the Odor Out of Fire Damage in Evergreen Park Homes

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damaged home Our technicians use a combination of devices and machines to pluck smoke and soot particles from the atmosphere.

Find Out How SERVPRO Takes Odors out of Fire Damage Items

Fire damage restorers have used specialized equipment for many years to deal with the odor. It is because, after a domestic fire, lingering smells are one of the biggest frustrations. Fortunately, SERVPRO has access to odor-busting foggers, masking agents, filters, chemicals, and ozone generators.

Our technicians use a combination of these devices and machines to pluck smoke and soot particles from the atmosphere. They are highly effective in restoring fire damage in Evergreen Park homes. One of the most sophisticated tools we use is called the hydroxyl generator, and we will tell you a little more about it.

Please keep reading to find out how our SERVPRO hydroxyl generators differ from ozone generators and which approach is best for your home.

What Is Deodorization?

While they are different processes, ozone and hydroxyl generators work similarly. They produce particles that have odor-eliminating properties. In the case of hydroxyl, these particles are created all the time naturally. They develop when ultraviolet light reacts with water and oxygen. All that we do is accelerate the process by introducing more UV light.

Why is Hydroxyl Important?

When created in an atmosphere where odor-causing chemicals are present, hydroxyl particles decompose. They are often referred to as a ‘natural broom’ because they ensure that indoor environments contain minute levels of these chemicals. Hydroxyl is particularly useful when dealing with unpleasant odors due to its speed. It can break down as many as 5,000 chemicals (including smoke).

Why Is Hydroxyl Different from Ozone?

For one thing, hydroxyl particles break down airborne chemicals around a million times faster than ozone. They are the second most powerful oxidant in existence (after fluorine). Interestingly, using ozone in very high concentrations can cause it to work faster than hydroxyl. The problem is that, in such quantities, it is toxic. If the SERVPRO technicians decide to use ozone in your business, you may have to vacate the premises.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

On the other hand, hydroxyl generators are much kinder to the environment. They do not threaten humans or plant life and rarely require containment. Get in touch with the experts at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City for more information. Call us 24/7 at (773) 337-3900.

Fire And Smoke Damage to Your Evergreen Park Home

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

home fire; possessions being burned Fire and the resulting smoke from such a destructive force can cause damage to all areas of your home, not just the ground zero location of the fire.

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and the resulting smoke from such a destructive force can cause damage to all areas of your home, not just the ground zero location of the fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the costs of direct property damage due to house fires have increased since 2011. 2015 saw $7 billion worth of damage.

Fire damage in Evergreen Park is stressful and can be a scary surprise for any homeowner. SERVPRO has seen firsthand what fire and smoke damage can do to a home, which is why we work quickly and restore homes with the best methods and latest technology to get you and your family back in your beds, safe and sound.

Reasons To Never Extend the Cleaning Process Post-Fire

When a fire has occurred in your home, it is crucial to call a fire cleanup and restoration expert like SERVPRO immediately to respond to your emergency. Extending the response time can have many consequences for your home's living spaces and structure. Right after a fire, soot and ash settle onto every surface in your home, from floor to ceiling. Porous materials may experience permanent discoloration, but many other surface areas in your home can be cleaned and saved if you take immediate action.

Within only a few hours, all the surfaces in your home can be affected by fire and smoke damage. Your furniture will likely need refinishing or heavy cleaning. The metals in your home will begin to rust and corrode, your walls will start to discolor, and even far away from the fire, clothing in your closet and bedding will become affected. Take immediate action after a fire to avoid permanent staining from the acidic soot and smoke. Also, the longer your belongings and structure remain untreated after a fire, the longer the restoration process will be and could cost you more due to permanently damaged furniture and structural pieces.

Contact Us

Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 anytime, day or night. Our specialists can always take your call with our 24/7 Emergency Services.

Let SERVPRO Handle Exterior Fire Damage To Your Chicago Home

5/26/2022 (Permalink)


Sometimes, fire damage to your Chicago home may barely touch the interior but leave significant scars on the exterior of the building. When this happens, the restoration process may be less intrusive and more simple to go through, but a major amount of work remains to be done making sure that discoloration, smoke damage, and necessary reconstruction work all receive the attention they deserve. SERVPRO technicians can help you to handle all of these tasks and more and even take some steps to prevent against fire damages in the future.

Restoring Color
One of the most important ways our experts can help you to restore your home in Chicago after fire damage burns its exterior is to bring its color and appearance back to the way it was before the disaster. Thanks to efficient fire-specific cleaning methods and fast repainting efforts, we can remove any visual signs of damage your home may have received from the incident. If you feel uncomfortable with having our technicians work on your home, ask us to show you the extensive list of certifications that every SERVPRO employee receives.

Deep Cleaning
Our cleanup efforts extend well beyond the original sites of damage. Smoke odors and residues can travel quickly around and inside of your home, sometimes giving a section of the building interior a smoky odor despite there being no visual signs of damage. Our thorough cleaning regimens and smoke odor removal work can keep your home scrubbed free of even the smallest and most hard-to-handle fire and smoke residues.

Minor Reconstructive Efforts
Sometimes, some limited reconstruction may be necessary even when smoke and flame never touches the inside of your home. We can help you to make minor repairs such as patching up holes, replacing porch materials, and trimming trees to eliminate any sign of what might have happened before.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City brings friendly faces, years of experience, and affordable restoration services to your home when you need them the most. Call us 24/7 at (773) 337-3900.

Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Tips to Help Protect Your Chicago Area Home

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

several cords overloading socket Overloading electrical outlets can often lead to electrical fires in your home.

Contacting SERVPRO Can Help Protect Your Home from Fire Damage

You can avoid fire damage in your Chicago area home by following a few fire prevention tips that most professionals highly recommend. Practicing proper fire safety etiquette and having a pre-existing relationship with your local restoration company can drastically reduce your losses and recovery time. 

Your actions and the choices you make directly impact how susceptive your Chicago area home is to fire damage. Learning what to do or not to do during certain situations helps keep your family safe and prevents severe damage to the property that you call home.

SERVPRO technicians can help provide you with the answers you need to protect you and your family during emergency situations that might occur. You may even find us hosting fire safety events to help inform residents and property owners alike about the risks fire poses to your community. 

Consider implementing some significant yet straightforward preventive measures that help prevent fires in your home. Never leave stoves unattended, and always keep your countertops free of flammable cooking products, objects, or supplies. Remain as safe as possible, maintaining a clean, sanitary, and disaster-free cooking environment in your home.

Like those offered at SERVPRO, ask a qualified professional how to handle or store propane, coal, or accelerants used for grilling correctly. Getting advice specific to your situation can help you avoid injury, death, or extensive damage that can cause your family to lose more than their home.

Help avoid overloading electrical outlets that often lead to electrical fires in your home. Portable AC units, heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers can cause significant problems if misused. Also, remember to check each electronic device for frayed cords or cracked plugs to avoid additional issues.

SERVPRO can help homeowners locate existing hazards and learn how to store boxes and treasured items correctly while maintaining a fire-safe home. You should make an emergency plan that allows each family member to remain safe, install the proper smoke detectors and fire extinguishing equipment, and help everyone get used to implementing fire prevention tips in your home.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City serves the entire Dolton, Beverly, Morgan Park area, providing fire damage cleaning and restoration services throughout the area; call today.

To Ease Restoration Of Your Fire-Damaged Property, Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City

4/25/2022 (Permalink)


Restoration Of Fire Damage In Chicago Is Easier With Professional Assistance

Homeowners leaving stoves unattended when cooking, and other simple oversights can lead to severe fire damage. The time it takes to mount a response determines the level of damage, so in many cases, such incidents only affect items in the vicinity. A delayed response can spread the damage to other parts of the house or even bring down the entire structure. Seeking professional help after extinguishing the fire presents a better chance of restoring the home to its preloss state.

Since the dynamics in each incidence of fire damage in Chicago differ, there is a need for a thorough evaluation before taking any steps to restore the affected property. Evaluation can help establish the percentage of the property affected, the types of residues left, and the kinds of debris left. We have IICRC certified technicians who can handle such evaluation with ease.

A thorough cleanup exercise is another crucial step in the restoration process. This step involves several processes including removal of debris for cleanup or disposal, removal of residues, and extraction of water or other firefighting agents. Our SERVPRO crew separates debris into categories of salvageable, unsalvageable and questionable items thus removing everything from the affected area. We dispose of the unsalvageable items and set aside the others for cleanup or further evaluation. We use different drying equipment to remove any water remnants from the area affected by the incident.

Fires can be very destructive to the structure or fixtures such as cabinets especially when affected directly by the flames. Even when not completely burned, the flames can affect their structural integrity or finishes. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect the level of damage and decide whether replacement, refinishing or restorative cleaning would fix the problem. Restorative cleaning reduces the overall cost of fixing the damage. We use various approaches including soda blasting and dry ice blasting during restorative cleaning exercises because such methods do not cause additional damages.

To ease restoration of your fire-damaged property, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Can the Contents of My Chicago Home Be Salvaged After a Fire?

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SERVPRO vehicles SERVPRO teams are ready to assist with fire damage situations day or night. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO’s Green Team Will Do Everything Possible to Restore the Content of Your Chicago Home

A fire is a catastrophe that can be overwhelming. You may not know where to begin and wonder what is salvageable. Our Chicago team is ready to help.

What Can I Save From My Fire-damaged Home?

Fire restoration in Chicago homes will depend on the level of damage done to the house. This is based on the extensiveness of the fire. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) do everything possible to restore your home to pre-damage condition. There are three levels of fire damage:

  • Minor – Smoke residue is limited to a small area. The soot residue is light to moderate and can involve both dry and wet cleaning. Minimal replacement of items and repainting may not even be required.
  • Medium – Smoke residue is moderate. Walls may need repainting, and more items may need replacing. Stronger smoke odors are present. Heat damage is present in drywall and cabinets. More wet cleaning is involved.
  • Major – Damage is severe. Structural repairs are needed. Smoke residues are throughout the residence. Emergency services that involve boarding up the premises and removing debris are necessary. Contents that get restored will most likely be moved offsite.

Restoration Is What We Do

The level of fire damage will determine the amount of fire restoration that is possible. Our goal is to restore everything possible. Professional restoration lowers your claim cost and can salvage sentimental items you thought were lost. We provide the following restoration services we can provide:

  • Reupholstering furniture
  • Refinishing floors 
  • Restoring wooden surfaces
  • Repainting 
  • Specialty cleaning of personal items such as clothing

There are times when restoring an item is impossible, but we do our best to return as much of your home to you as possible.

Contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 for fire restoration service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Has A Plan To Deal With Damage In Your Business or Home

2/24/2022 (Permalink)

Upstairs Fire Damage Fire Damaged Upstairs Bedroom And Exterior Of House
Restoration of fire damage to your home is a process which is detailed and involves several components. SERVPRO’s professional team is trained to deal with fire damage restoration, and to handle each situation individually with care from start to finish. No matter how extensive your damage is, everything from smoke odor control to structural repair can be taken care of by our restoration team. We can also take care of cleaning up upholstery and carpeting that is salvageable.

A structure fire, according to numbers from the National Fire Protection Association, is reported every sixty-five seconds. Fire departments and emergency responders will answer the call for help when the alarm sounds with decisive, quick action. When the smoke clears, you can count on SERVPRO to help you with the same rapid response, any day or time of the year.

The first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after fire damage are referred to as the golden hours of recovery. An emergency response team that is effective will get the structure stabilized quickly so that as much recovery of the property as possible can be done. The smoke damage and acidic smoke that is many times made when fires are put out will accelerate the corrosion and deterioration of the components of your structure and vital assets. To make matters worse, fires are most frequently put out with water or dry chemicals. Also, the toxic smoke odor that is left behind has to be neutralized and deodorized.

Smoke and fire can be quite disruptive and traumatic to your normal way of life in your home. So you can get back to normal as soon as possible, we will provide the following Chicago fire damage restoration services: 

  • Pack-out of contents, plus inventory and temporary storage
  • Cleaning of fixtures, furniture, and other personal property
  • Electronic equipment refurbishment
  • Fencing to make the site secure
  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Control of odors
  • Repair of the structure

Tips for Fire Prevention: 

  • Ensure that each time you use your in-home fireplace that you use a fire screen and keep all objects such as plants, rugs, and furniture three feet or more away from your fireplace.
  • Never fail to put the fire out before going to bed.
  • Do not ever cover space heaters and make sure to turn them off overnight.
  • Make sure that carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are properly working and have fresh batteries installed.
  • Don’t use your stove to keep warm and realize that gas stoves, if on for too long, can give off big amounts of carbon monoxide that can be dangerous.

When your home has gone through fire damage in Chicago, make sure that once it is out and everyone is safe, to contact us at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City by calling any time at (773) 337-3900. We will come out to your property quickly to assess the damages and go over with you a plan for remediation.

Professionals Can Help Spot Damage That a Property Owner May Miss

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

house in flames burning Fire and Smoke Overwhelming a Property

Smoke and fire damage in South Side Chicago are highly destructive. Often, as a result of firefighting, your home or business in Chicago will additionally suffer from severe damage. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City specializes in water and fire damage restoration. In fact, that is the keystone of our business.

Understanding Smoke and Fire Damage

A fire loss includes damages that come as a result of soot, heat, smoke and water utilized in extinguishing the fire. Fire loss also consists of damages caused by the fire itself. In the event of a severe fire, all the mentioned components combine to make a business or residence unusable and inhabitable.

Often, smoke always accompanies fire. The effects of the hydrochloric acid contained within a typical structure are highly corrosive. Moreover, the heat caused by a fire pressurizes the smoke and then drives it into particular areas of a building. It then affects contents that are surprisingly remote from the fire source. For instance, smoke can lessen the life of the mechanical and electronic equipment. The affected content value, cost of restoration and scope of restoration can determine whether or not a property can properly return to its preloss condition.

One of the most devastating occurrences that can affect a business or family is fire losses. Just to show the serious nature of fire losses, read the series After the Fire to be in the loop about what one homeowner learned after experiencing fire damage. Fire damage near South Side Chicago needs crucial short-term decisions from those individuals under immense confusion and stress. Sadly, fire claim adjusters observe countless mistakes made concerning which contracts to sign or how to deal with a restoration company. It can have long lasting consequences on what to recover from fire insurance claim.

Why Hire SERVPRO Of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City?

  • Here are some of the reasons you should hire us to take care of fire and smoke damage affecting your property: 
    We respond fast to any disaster regardless of size - Our technicians understand that immediate action is necessary for dealing with fire and smoke damage. We know that quick response reduces cost, limits secondary damage, and lessens the damage.
  • Our technicians are fire and smoke experts - Our specialists have not only specialized equipment and experience but also boast extensive training in handling property restoration after the fire and smoke damage.
  • We have the restore vs. replace mentality - Our Company’s ‘restore first’ mentality comes in handy in helping lower remediation costs. Additionally, this mentality is of great help in making sure your business or home is restored sooner. Focus relies mainly on specialized equipment and training to restore your home or business back to its pre-fire condition.

Call us today at (773) 337-3900 to learn how we can be of help to your South Side Chicago fire damage situation. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City has proficient certifications, specific training and top-notch equipment to enable our technicians to restore your home to a pre-fire condition. Our experts treat you and your family/employees with empathy and your property with utmost care. You can rest assured that help will come your way from us within the shortest time possible.

We Put the Flames of Worry Out In Chicago After A Fire

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

smoke entering room from under door Fires are stressful SERVPRO can also assist you in the claims filing process by coordinating with both you and your insurance adjuster.

Fire and Smoke Cleanup at a Condo in Chicago

No matter how a fire starts, it can be stressful for any homeowner to endure, especially in a condominium. Your real estate being attached to your neighbors' properties places additional pressure on you to mitigate damage quickly and restore your home when a disaster occurs. Without fast action, not only can soot corrode surfaces in your home, but you can miss out on the compensation you need from your insurer to repair damages.

If you need fire and smoke damage cleanup for a condo in Chicago, the team at SERVPRO is always ready to assist you. These highly trained technicians receive a comprehensive education on fire damage cleanup and restoration so that your condo can be returned to a pre-damage condition. SERVPRO can also assist you in the claims filing process by coordinating with both you and your insurance adjuster, taking detailed inventories, and emphasizing restoration over disposal when it is safe and feasible to do so.

Common Pitfalls When Filling Out a Proof of Damage

  • Not knowing your policy. Make a note of the "Duties After a Loss" section, in particular, to understand what your insurer expects of you.
  • Missing deadlines. In many cases, you need to file your claim within a specific time frame to get compensated without delays or denied outright.
  • Not notarizing signatures. This step is crucial to making your Proof of Loss form into a sworn legal statement from you about the condition of your home.
  • Not requesting extensions. If you need it, you can generally ask for an extension for filing your proof of damage.
  • Missing much-needed proof. Include everything possible to prove your claim, including photos, receipts, inventories, and estimates.
  • SERVPRO's Air Purification Equipment
  • Preserving indoor air quality is crucial, especially when your HVAC system has fire damage residue inside of it.

Technicians can protect IAQ with HEPA-filter air scrubbers that pull in particles as small as 0.3 microns, specially designed agitation and cleanup tools for your vents, and OSHA-approved antimicrobials that are designed to eliminate soot deposits and restore surfaces to a clean and safe condition.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City offers 24/7 service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. When you need mitigation services quickly, you can call (773) 337-3900.

The Benefits of Cleaning After Fire Damage in Chicago Homes

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

semi from servpro SERVPRO can store and clean Chicago fire damaged possessions on-site in a semi or at our expansive facility. "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning is often favored over repairs or reconstruction after Chicago housefires.

Cleaning contents and structural elements can often be one of the most positive and cost-efficient options our team considers. While many structure fires ultimately require some degree of repair and rebuilding, minimizing this aspect reduces the time for restoration. It can get occupants back into a house faster after a fire.

The Restorability of Your Damaged Home

It is vital for our professionals beginning fire damage cleanup in Chicago homes to consider the restoration and salvaging potentials. A comprehensive property evaluation and damage assessment can determine ideal mitigative actions and steer restoration processes to provide the most efficient path to desired results.

Reducing the Costs of Claims

There is no mistaking that one of the costliest aspects of fire recovery is a replacement. Whether these references affected contents throughout a structure or fire-damaged fixtures and structural elements, it is reasonable to assume that it benefits a customer more for our experienced team to restore through thorough cleaning rather than refinishing, resurfacing, or replacement.

Focal Points of Post-Fire Cleanup

When cleaning up soot-damaged surfaces, specific processes are observed to ensure the affected contents and building materials are completely cleaned, and particles or debris from the cleanup have been appropriately resolved and discarded. The cleaning process involves:

  • Locating the damage
  • Discovering the type of soil
  • Choose the best cleaning approach for the underlying material
  • Remove the soil
  • Dispose of the waste safely

There are many hazardous obstacles for restorers after fire damage threats. As destructive as these disasters might be, we have a team of qualified professionals to help with these concerns, including a general contractor license. Give our SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City team a call today at (773) 337-3900.

If You Have Soot Damage - Call SERVPRO

11/13/2021 (Permalink)

Shadow SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City is proud to serve the communities of Evergreen Park, Alsip, and Beverly with prompt 24/7 service.


Why SERVPRO Can Remedy Soot and Smoke Damage to Your Beverly Home

While homeowners may face a wide range of unwanted residential complications, fires can be one of the worst. Flames produce numerous challenges that homeowners will have to deal with, one of which is Beverly soot and smoke damage. Although the concept and reality of soot damage can be difficult to grapple with, learning more about the subject can prepare you to restore your property quickly and correctly in the event of a fire. SERVPRO stresses the difficulty regarding soot damage clean up, wipe down, and deodorizing.

Soot is an element of smoke. Specifically, it is the oily particulate streamed into the air by a fire when synthetic materials begin to burn, or from furnace puff-back. Because synthetic materials are components of a large amount of products found in every home, it's common for households that experience fires to be left with soot residue. Unfortunately, soot can damage your property in several ways. This oily substance will layer on porous surfaces like drywall. Specific sponges, tools, and cleaning products are required for removal without staining. This will diminish replacement and allow for re-painting. Clothing, drapes, and upholstery require specialized dry cleaning. DO NOT send these items to a standard dry cleaners. SERVPRO works with specific dry cleaning services that adhere to IICRC standards of cleaning. Smoke and soot can circulate throughout the ductwork system of your home causing additional damage and expense to previously unaffected areas by the fire.

Why Hiring A Professional To Remedy Soot Damage Is A Must
In many cases, homeowners who experience soot and smoke damage want to restore their property for themselves. However, it's best to leave this work to the professionals. The experts from SERVPRO have the industry experience and equipment necessary to expedite the restoration process. As such, they can get your home back in safe, sanitary, non-odor condition effectively. We’re trained to remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. It's also important to note that industry professionals are aware of hidden health and concealed safety hazards that many property owners aren't. We return your interior air quality to safe levels.

Let SERVPRO Handle Your Soot Damage Restoration Needs
Soot and smoke damage in Beverly are challenging issues that you need to address immediately and effectively. The company to call for fast, friendly soot and smoke damage restoration services is SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified professionals will maintain the detail-oriented, client-centered service that restores your property and reduces stress to you. "Like it never even happened."

Have Questions About Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Call Today – (773) 337-3900

The Flames are Gone, but Fire and Smoke Cleanup Continues in a Chicago Home

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire and smoke damage restoration for your home isn't a DIY project. Call SERVPRO to have your home back to preloss condition ASAP.

Chicago Property Owners can Rely on SERVPRO for the Most Up-to-Date Techniques in Fire Damage Restoration.

Hearing about a fire in a Chicago home is not an odd occurrence. Human error or overloaded circuits can cause a spark that escalates quickly into a full house fire. Once the flames are gone, the need for fire restoration becomes evident, and knowing who to turn to can be difficult. Instead of attempting to unravel the process of fire damage and repair, reach out to a specialized team for help.

SERVPRO is a premier fire and smoke cleanup team in Chicago, and we are ready to clean your home, including the air within it, until the fire becomes a memory. Our experience as a professional remediation crew prepares us to handle the toughest cleanup following the settlement of soot and ashes around your home. Call our office and invite our expert crew and advanced equipment into your home.

Fire damage restoration is not a linear process. Several concurrent processes are happening at the same time. For example-

  • Agitation through mechanical means helps dislodge residue from each surface, making it easier for us to remove it.
  • Move-out services to remove undamaged items and house them off-site while our SERVPRO team restores your place. The removal of items prevents further damage and improves access to affected areas.
  • Air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators, which are designed to neutralize odor particles in large spaces. They help eliminate smells, dust, and lingering particles in the air.

Whatever your fire and smoke cleanup needs are, SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City is ready to help. Call us at (773) 337-3900 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.” 

Need Fire Damage Restoration in Downtown Chicago? Think SERVPRO

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged bedroom; charred wall; debris on floow Although the blaze was limited to the bedroom, smoke and soot traveled throughout the home. SERVPRO knows how to restore fire damage.

What Makes SERVPRO One of the Most Dependable Fire Damage Restoration Services in Downtown Chicago? 

Fire damage restoration of residential and commercial spaces in busy Downtown Chicago requires prompt action. SERVPRO, being the Official Licensed Downtown Chicago Operator, has the means and preparedness to start the restoration within hours of the disaster.

SERVPRO techs can handle the different aspects of the fire damage restoration process in Downtown Chicago. From smoke and soot removal to odor elimination, the IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians could take care of it all.

What Makes Odor Elimination Such a Big Challenge During House Fire Cleanup?

Smoke odor particles are tiny, even microscopic in some cases, and can penetrate deep within the surfaces. To combat these, the deodorant particles that SERVPRO techs use must also be small enough to penetrate where the odor particles are to neutralize them.

The situation worsens due to the heat from the fire. High temperatures allow the odor-causing particles to move deeper by providing them with thermal energy. Furthermore, the heat can expand the pores of the surfaces, making them larger. When the heat is no longer present, the pores can contract, trapping the particles in them.

SERVPRO techs recreate the conditions that allowed the odor particles to penetrate the surfaces to neutralize them effectively. One essential piece of equipment that restorers use to do this is the thermal fogger.

Thermal foggers vaporize solvent-based deodorizing agents and create a fog consisting of tiny particles that behave similarly to smoke particles. The deodorant particles interact with the invisible odor-causing particles and neutralize them.   

Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900, and our technicians are available 24/7 to take your call.   

Fire Damage in Downtown Chicago? SERVPRO is Here to Help

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

container with dry ice pellets SERVPRO can provide dry ice blasting to help clean and restore fire damaged Downtown Chicago homes and businesses

SERVPRO Specializes in Fire Damage Restoration of Properties in Downtown Chicago

Fire damage in densely populated Downtown Chicago requires remediation by professionals equipped to handle such situations. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/ South Chicago City is an Official Licensed Downtown Chicago Operator having trained technicians with experience facing unique challenges of the area.

One of the biggest tasks of SERVPRO restorers after fire damage to the Downtown Chicago building is the cleanup of smoke and soot residue. Our restorers apply scientific principles and elements of cleaning to restore materials to a preloss condition as quickly as possible. Mechanical agitation is often required if the residue is bonded tightly with the surfaces. SERVPRO techs use several tools for mechanical agitation, including sandpapers, steel wool, roto pads, and blast cleaning.

What is Blast Cleaning That SERVPRO Techs Use During House Fire Cleanup in Downtown Chicago?

SERVPRO techs use blast cleaning in case of heavy soot and residue buildup after extensive smoke damage to your Downtown Chicago property. The process involves using compressed air or rotary blasting equipment to blast (strike with force) some media against the soiled surface. Dry ice pellet blasting has the added benefit of not introducing more water during the cleanup stage. Soda blasting with sodium bicarbonate also can help to deodorize the fire damaged area.

We use several blasting media, including baking soda, dry ice, and even ground corn cobs. The amount of agitation produced depends on many factors including-

  • shape and size of the blast media, and
  • the speed at which it is blasted against the surface

If you need fire damage restoration in the Downtown Chicago area, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 for fast service. 

Fire Damage Remediation: Leave it to the Pros

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

A blue house with part of the roof and window burnt. Don't take on a fire damage alone. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City we want to help you.

When Fire Damages Your Downtown Chicago Home Call SERVPRO

A house fire is a catastrophic event that can lead to emotional, structural, and financial devastation. Downtown Chicago fire damage remediation, the process of making your home livable again, is a complex undertaking that requires skill, knowledge, and unique resources. If you want to restore your home as quickly as possible and minimize costs, you should consult a fire damage remediation company.


How does a remediation company restore your fire damaged home in Downtown Chicago? The four main techniques commonly used include thoroughly drying your home, cleaning the HVAC system, rebuilding damaged structural elements, and removing unusable debris.

Water Damage

In the days following a fire, water damage is your biggest threat. Secondary water damage is the single most significant source of additional damage—and increased costs—once a fire is out. Standing water plus soaked furniture and drywall equal a breeding ground for mold and mildew. While professional remediation specialists work to repair other types of damage, they use dehumidifiers and other air-moving machinery to dry your home as thoroughly as possible.

HVAC System

During a fire, HVAC filters and coils become clogged with soot and other debris. When this happens, these parts must be replaced. A remediation company can determine what types of repairs are necessary and do the work for you.

Structural Rebuild

Fire damaged structural elements in your home must be replaced or rebuilt. Granted, you could hire independent contractors to do the work, but that involves increased time and effort on your part. A fire damage remediation company can oversee this step for you.

Unsalvageable Debris

Fire destroys. Items in your home too damaged to be restored can potentially contaminate other areas of your home and should be removed, if at all possible. If you believe damaged possessions can be salvaged, check with the damage restoration company or a specialty repair store for advice or help.

Points to Consider

After fire damage, take time to conduct a complete damage inventory of your home. Note smoke-odor issues, structural problems, and potential water damage. Fire damage remediation involves these and a host of other factors. A professional restoration service with years of experience, professional knowledge, and the right equipment can significantly reduce the burden of a fire’s aftermath and streamline the restoration process to make it as painless as possible. All while protecting your home from further damage.

Furthermore, hiring a professional company just makes sense. A house fire disrupts your life in countless ways. The easier and more effective the remediation process, the sooner your life can return to normal. For more information about fire damage remediation, contact your local fire remediation company, SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900.

Is Smoke Remediation for Chicago Homes Expensive?

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of home SERVPRO has the equipment and skilled technicians to help get your home back in shape after a fire mishap.

SERVPRO Operates in Chicago and Can Help you Reduce the Expense of House Fire Restoration

When a house fire erupts, soot, smoke, and particles settle on surfaces. At high temperatures or pressure, these particles can bond with the surfaces. The two factors that primarily influence the amount of harm your home sustains are the temperature of the smoke and the temperature of surfaces. SERVPRO has the expertise to mitigate against both factors and can help you with:

  • Fire damage restoration 
  • Smoke remediation
  • House fire cleanup

Temperature can affect house fire restoration in Chicago. The heat that fire produces rises in a process known as convection. This can affect ceilings, upper walls, light fittings, and upper floors even when the flames are contained on the lower levels. Migrating smoke from the source of a fire can leave deposits on cooler surfaces due to convection. 

  • We can dry, clean, and refinish interior cabinets, draws, and cupboards that may be adversely affected by smoke.
  • Using alkaline cleaning solution on appliance surfaces can help to remove residues without harming the finish.
  • Fogging equipment can often be used to reach odors trapped on ceilings, light fixtures, or upper walls. 

We can help you return your home to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City for house fire restoration at (773) 337-3900 now.

Should You Wash the Walls after A Chicago Home Fire?

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Don’t deal with fire damage on your own. Our technicians are standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

Wait for SERVPRO to start fire and smoke cleanup

SERVPRO understands how distressing it is to see the walls and ceilings of your home blackened by smoke damage. We know our customers are eager to clean up and get back to everyday life.

However, it is better to wait for SERVPRO before attempting fire and smoke cleanup in your Chicago home. Depending on the strength and nature of the fire, your home might require different approaches such as:

  • HEPA vacuuming to get rid of dry, powdery soot residue.
  • Use of chemical cleaners or scrubbing to deal with more stubborn, sticky soot.
  • Spot cleaning to handle soot stains on delicate surfaces.
  • Soda blasting to polish exposed beams or brickwork.

We train our teams to carry out a thorough assessment of the situation and decide on the best course of action. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands – we aim to restore it “Like it never even happened.” We can even oversee the rebuilding and redecorating jobs if necessary.

For professional fire and smoke cleanup that gets the results you want, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900.

Chicago Shines Virtually as it does In Person.

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet outside job site. Any type of fire damage is right up our alley. SERVPRO will have your property like it never even happened.

The Art Institute of Chicago Invites One and All to Tour Virtually

Chicago offers some of the best art collections in the world, and many of them are available virtually to its patrons. The Art Institute of Chicago includes more than 40,000 pieces in their digital collections so visitors can enjoy them from their homes.

Aside from the actual works, one can also take a virtual tour of the Museum in an immersive experience. As you plan your virtual visit, consider the following-

  • You can take themed audio tours and go behind the scenes through virtual events.
  •  For a more interactive experience, look at the Museum’s lesson plans and art activities.
  •  If you are looking for a primer on what the Art Institute offers, visit its website and click on “The Collection,” and explore its “essentials” section.

Leaders at the Art Institute of Chicago understand the importance of protecting your valuables and restoring them. Although you may not think of your home as a work of art in the traditional sense, it likely is one of your most valuable assets. Fire damage restoration services are a must if a kitchen fire erupts or an electrical malfunction results in flames. SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/ South Chicago City is an expert in the field, and you just need to call us at (773) 337-3900 whenever you need us. Like you, we want your home to look and feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Experience the Holidays for Their Traditional Charms in Chicago

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Close up of holiday lights; lights are blurry Experience the holiday charm of Long Grove Village.

Watch as Historic Downtown Long Grove Transforms into a Winter Wonderland Each Weekend Leading up to the Biggest Holiday of the Year for Chicago Area Residents 

The holidays are too often a busy and overscheduled time hustling from one store to the next to meet the demands of wish lists you get from your family and friends. Take a break from this bustle to rediscover what makes Christmas such a magical time of the year with the Long Grove Vintage Holiday event happening in the historic downtown each weekend through the 20th of December. 

There is fun for the entire family for those partaking in the weekend events, including multiple experiences, events, and one-of-a-kind retail stops, including: 

  • Quaint shops
  • Christmas decorations
  • Concessions
  • Charming holiday music
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Photo ops on holiday-decorated Farmside building 

A fire can dampen your holiday spirit, but our SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City can help with effective mitigation and restoration for fire damage in Chicago homes. Contact us today at (773) 337-3900.  

Firefighters Have Put Out the Flames in My Property. How Do I Handle the Fire Damage?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Firefighter hosing house fire The situation can feel quite overwhelming when your home is affected by fire damage. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Talk to SERVPRO Experts in Chicago to Help You Perform Fire Damage Restoration in Your Property.

Fire is a terrifying disaster that property owners can experience. Even after putting out the flames, the smoke residues may continue to destroy the valuable items and building materials in your Chicago property. Fortunately, when you contact SERVPRO technicians within 48 hours, we can inspect your property and restore it to its former glory.

What are some of the dangers of fire damage?

If you delay fire damage restoration in your Chicago property, secondary damage may begin to occur. Smoke residues, soot, and the water used to fight the flames can significantly ruin your home. Water can cause your wooden floor to bend and warp. It may also weaken structures such as support beams and lead to mold growth. 

The structures become vulnerable and can collapse since they cannot hold the weight. This can lead to severe injuries to the property’s residents.

How do you determine the severity of the damage?

Our team of restorers has certifications from the IICRC, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification to conduct fire damage restoration. We use cutting-edge techniques and advanced equipment and tools that effectively handle fire loss incidents of any magnitude. To determine the intensity of fire damage in your property, we: 

Inspect the property for smoke and soot damage

Use a dry-cleaning sponge to locate the affected areas.

Use wood crème paste to test wood furniture with a heavy concentration of soot.

Inspect the HVAC unit and ducts for odors, damage, and contamination. 

Once SERVPRO technicians get to your property, we begin mitigating the fire damage immediately to prevent substantial repair costs. Our restorers can remove valuable items from the affected area to access every corner of your property. We can keep you informed during every step of the mitigation and restoration process. 

How do you clean the affected property?

Cleaning the affected area helps in removing odors. Our highly trained technicians can use various techniques and cleaning agents depending on the surface. We can use a liquid crème cleaner such as stain scrub, a mild abrasive product to clean surfaces made of stainless steel like kitchen appliances. 

After the cleaning process is complete, the charcoal-like odor may persist. We can use several air scrubbers to remove the odors depending on the size of the affected area. The units pass the contaminated air through filters, which remove 99.99 percent of particles. The machines release clean air into the property. 

After a fire loss, contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago at (773) 337-3900 immediately to mitigate the fire damage. We can quickly restore your property to its pre-damaged state. "Like it never even happened."   

See more about Chicago.

How Can I Get My Chicago House Cleaned Up After a Fire?

5/24/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up shot of fire Fires can be highly destructive to your home, especially surfaces battling the presence of soot and other residues.

Our SERVPRO Team Can Arrive Quickly to Chicago Residences for Cleaning and Restoration Following a Fire

Cleaning up after a fire loss incident in Chicago is one of the considerable challenges to making these disasters “Like it never even happened.” Without adequate and thorough cleaning and restoration practices implemented at the right times, surfaces and contents could suffer irreparable damages. Discarding materials and reinstalling them can be an unnecessary cost when our SERVPRO professionals can get to work quickly on the recovery steps required.

Effective cleaning and restoration after fire damage to Chicago homes begin with a fast and confident response. Because our technicians stay prepared to answer the call 24/7, we can often reach damaged addresses while there is still time and opportunity to protect many of the surfaces and exposed contents. Entrusting your home to responding technicians can often make the return to preloss condition more efficient and cost-effective.

What is Debris Removal?

Among the first steps in cleaning and restoring your fire-damaged home is debris removal. This process is one of the emergency services that our professionals offer and can help our technicians to gain control of an increasingly difficult situation. Shoveling out piles of ash and charred remnants of materials can help in many ways. Some advantages of beginning debris removal or muck-out for your home include:
    •    Reduces the concentration of soot
    •    Makes odors less intense
    •    Allows our professionals to inspect the property better

Is Soot Dangerous to Be Around?

Soot can be one of the most challenging obstacles for responding technicians, as this residue can react differently with each of the materials that it becomes exposed to after a fire. Also, the presence of soot can present health concerns for those in direct contact, which requires our professionals always to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. From Tyvek suits to gloves and respirators, we can protect our cleaning team and eliminate cross-contamination with other areas of your house. The primary concerns about soot include:

    •    Acidic Nature – Because soot has an acidic base to its composition, its presence in a layer resting on organic surfaces can have a destructive effect. When residue goes prolonged periods without getting removed, it can mar or stain surfaces underneath it.
    •    Microscopic Particles – the size of soot particles is also an alarming concern because these microscopic particulates can get easily inhaled and travel deep into the lungs.
    •    High Concentrations – Circulating soot in the environment can present hazards like unclean breathing air and more substantial concentrations of soot residues on exposed surfaces.

How Can Residues Like Soot Get Cleaned?

Removing soot and smoke residues from the house requires several approaches and potent cleaning products. The best approach and technique to remove soot damage in the house gets determined often during the initial assessment and evaluation of the property following a fire loss. Our project manager can walk through the damaged building to begin cataloging loss and noting wherever soot removal techniques are necessary. These might include:

    •    Chemical Solvents – Emulsification can be an excellent method for removing oily soils from surfaces, and many of our chemical solvents can also have a positive effect on present soot damage. Pretesting is a way to determine what potent products are the best choice for the affected material.
    •    Soda/Media Blasting – Using a high-pressure output, soda, and media blasting equipment can help to restore the surface of a damaged structural element by eliminating soot without destroying the construction material beneath it.
    •    Controlled Demolition – There are some situations where material removal might be the only suitable solution. If soot has stained or marred a surface or item, our in-house contractors can remove only the damaged portions to make build back and reconstruction as efficient as possible.

What If Contents in My House Get Soot-Damaged?

Your belongings are just as susceptible and sensitive to soot exposure and damage as the construction materials used in your home. While you might not have the time to relocate everything of value or significance, our SERVPRO professionals can work on content management beginning as soon as we arrive. From on-site cleaning and relocation efforts to more intricate cleaning practices that can happen in our nearby facility and warehouse, we can improve the look and feel of damaged items efficiently.

Fires can be highly destructive to your home, especially surfaces battling the presence of soot and other residues. Addressing these concerns can involve multiple strategies, including surface cleaning, media blasting, and controlled demolition. No matter what your home needs, you can count on our SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City to help by calling (773) 337-3900.

What are Some Common Causes of House Fires in Chicago?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Cords near outlet on fire Overloading power outlets can cause a fire to spark in your home.

SERVPRO Professionals Talk Chicago Fire Damage

Fires happen all the time in Chicago. When you are the one the fire is happening to, you want to figure out its cause and how to get back to the way things were before. Understanding some of the most common causes of small house fires is an excellent start to keeping yourself safer throughout the year. Overloaded power outlets provide a perfect storm for sparks or electrical arcs to catch nearby materials on fire. Stressed outlets are a primary cause of many household fires.

When your Chicago home is fire damaged, you need to find out why it happened. Our SERVPRO team can help you to clean up the mess and restore the damage, but also has the experience to help you determine where the fire originated from based on the severity of the damages. As common as overloaded electrical boxes are, it remains one of the leading causes of accidental house fires. You need to know how to operate your power outlets within safe parameters. This information can potentially save your house from damages, but more importantly, save your life.

People ask too much of their power outlets all the time, but this gets even worse around the holidays. When you combine indoor and outdoor lights, the tree, and other decorations in with already stressed power sources, you are brewing a recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, the spark of a fire can occur from this overloaded outlet at any time.

The sooner you respond to restoring your home after fire damages the better. Our experienced SERVPRO professionals can clean up the damages and bring the structure and contents of the room back to preloss conditions. The longer that you wait, the more likely that soot and smoke damages seat themselves into your furniture, flooring, and walls. This spells a higher insurance claim to cover the repair costs, or worse yet, more out-of-pocket expenses if you are underinsured.

The best thing to do is to call as soon as you can. Our professionals at SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City rapidly respond 24/7, and you can reach us at (773) 337-3900.

For more information about the Chicago Fire Department click here.

Do You Know How to Remediate Basement Fire Damage in Chicago?

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

Washer and in basement Basement fires can cause damage, SERVPRO is ready to help! Call us today to assess and remediate your damage!

SERVPRO has the Knowledge and Experience to Tackle Smoke and Soot Damage in Chicago

Basement fires are unique, often encountering different sets of problems and consequences as compared to fires started elsewhere in the home. While the tight space and underground nature of basements often prevent the worst of the fire from spreading across the house, other elements of fire damage can be shared or even more intense than the same damage in other regions of the house. Here are some of the similarities and differences between basement fires and those started elsewhere in the home.  

How Basement Fires Differ From Other Fires in Chicago 

Although fire damage in Chicago basements is typically more contained than that from fires started elsewhere in the home, other types of damage can be even more severe and widespread. The most glaring issue is smoke; smoke tends to rise and travel through air ducts and HVAC, spreading around the house and requiring intensive cleaning operations. HVAC cleaning is one of our most needed services, often for this reason. Additionally, there are often more hazardous and flammable materials stored in a basement than elsewhere in the home, leading to more significant potential dangers and disaster for the home. However, ultimately, the confined and below-ground nature of most basements protects much of the home from significant damage.  

How Basement Fires are Similar to Other Fires in Chicago 

Basement fires, while more contained than other fires, are still devastating and damaging due to their flames and spread. Ash and soot commonly coat walls and surfaces and requires heavy scrubbing. Objects and materials burned through and require treatments or perhaps replacement. A basement fire resembles fire elsewhere in the home and requires much of the same restoration work and equipment.   

Trained Technicians Can Help Minimize Chicago Area Fire Restoration Costs 

Many homeowners believe they can clean up after Chicago fire damage themselves after their home has gone through a fire, and there are soot and smoke to clean up. That is unfortunately not ever a good idea, as cleaning up soot and smoke damage needs professionals for the job. 

Hiring Chicago Restoration Professionals 

A house that has been burned in a fire, first of all, is not safe to spend time in or even enter. The integrity of the floors and walls are in question besides other hazards. It is crucial to keep out of the home until a professional tells you it is safe. 

While undertaking the cleanup of soot and smoke damage from a house fire should not be done by yourself, you need to get professionals, like SERVPRO, there as soon as you can. If left untreated, smoke and ash cause discoloration, corrosion, and lingering offensive and powerful odors. Specifically, ash can cause damage and discoloration almost immediately, and the damage could be permanent and irreversible. Anything made of plastic can start discoloring in just minutes. Metals can quickly corrode and tarnish, and fiberglass starts yellowing. 

If you get fire remediation specialists quickly enough after a house fire, we can mitigate or eradicate the ash and smoke damage from the fire, plus stop any further property damage. If you do not get us in early, unfortunately, the damage worsens, and the repair costs start to skyrocket in just a few weeks. 

Knowing Which Area Professionals to Hire 

Numerous companies claim to be restoration specialists in fire damage near Chicago; however, they might not have the proper training and certification to do the job correctly. Companies who are registered, recognized, and have gotten their certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification have taken the necessary coursework to gain their extensive certification. 

What Trained Professionals Will Do 

Fire remediation specialists like SERVPRO, who have gone through the right training and certification, first identify all of the materials that have been affected. We then locate the source of odors is if possible. We are thorough and identify items that can be cleaned and salvaged, which need replacing. Then they'll start the cleanup process by taking out any ash residue that has built up. After we've cleaned the ash, they can find the odors' sources more efficiently, which we'll then treat with special detergents made to neutralize the odors. After we treat the materials that were fire damaged, we'll be sealing them up to stop odors from emitting into your home in the future. 

Experiencing fire damage in Chicago can be scary and disconcerting. When you go through this, contact SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City by giving us a call at (773) 337-3900 as soon as possible so we can properly clean and restore your home. 

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Smoke And Soot Restoration In Chicago

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fire damaged property Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City today at (773) 337-3900, and we will send a team of technicians out as quickly as possible.

Smoke and Soot Restoration After Fire Damage in Chicago

Fires bring on a copious amount of damage, especially when the fallout is not cleaned up quickly enough. To address the soot and smoke that penetrates all of the nooks and crannies throughout your home, calling in the professionals is the best course of action. The experts at SERVPRO have the experience and equipment to inspect, plan, and address various levels of damage to get you the results that you need.

When it comes to fire damage in Chicago, it is critical that you understand how soot and smoke impact your home. Hot smoke gets into all areas of your home, flowing through your walls, penetrating various materials, and leaving behind a harsh residue. The kind of smoke present will play a significant role in the measures taken to complete restoration.

Types of Smoke
Wet and dry smoke present different challenges after a fire in your home. There are also different degrees of soot residue that must be addressed. SERVPRO technicians test the soot throughout your home to determine the level of damage to ensure the best cleaning procedures follow suit.

Wet Smoke – This is smoke that develops with low heat, often stemming from rubber and plastic. The smoke webs, making it difficult to clean, creating a sticky, pungent residue that smears easily.

Dry Smoke – This is smoke created at high temperatures, fast-burning, and rises with the heat. The dry smoke often comes from paper and wood.

It is also essential that proper measures are implemented to address protein fire residue, which comes from material evaporation. This residue isn't visible to the naked eye but creates a pungent odor and discolors varnishes and pain.

Professional Fire Restoration
When you call SERVPRO, you know that you have smoke and fire damage professionals on the job. We craft solutions tailored to your unique needs based on the condition of your home post-fire. Our technicians arrive at your property with specialized equipment to remove the water that seeped into various surfaces from extinguishing the fire. We then work to remove all damaged materials for replacement, carefully inspecting to ensure no moisture is left behind.

We always respect your property with care, and you can trust that SERVPRO cleans all surfaces with disinfectants to ensure no smoke residue lingers once we are gone. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City today at (773) 337-3900, and we will send a team of technicians out as quickly as possible.

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We Provide The Best Results In Fire Damage Restoration In Chicago

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A room that suffered fire damage with soot and smoke covering all areas We are equipped to tackle projects like this from start to finish. Call our experts we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Agitation Used During Fire Debris Cleanup In Chicago

Structural burns that occur in Chicago can go from being minor to severe quickly if efforts do not get made to extinguish the flames and promptly mitigate the damage caused. Even smaller blazes can require fire debris cleanup conducted by a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. The longer charred materials are left inside your home; the longer burnt odors can linger.

During every restoration project we conduct, our SERVPRO crew takes many measures to deodorize your home and return it to its preloss state, "Like it never even happened." In many situations, malodor particles get removed from your Chicago residence once fire debris cleanup gets conducted. When anything burns inside a building, the burnt particles and soot residues left behind by the smoke created can be a prime source for unpleasant aromas. In some cases, though, further deodorization procedures must be taken to rid the structure of all of the foul odors present.

During any fire-related restoration project, our SERVPRO technicians first work towards securing the building. We can inspect your property and look for any potential hazards. If we find things like broken light fixtures or burnt drywall that is hanging down, we quickly mitigate the potential safety issue.

Once we make the work area safe for all occupants, we start removing any severely burnt items from fire damage. Often times after a burn, many things will be charred to the point where they have to be removed and replaced. But, many times, we can save items by cleaning and refinishing them.

For example, if charring is only present less than a quarter-inch deep in your building materials like your wooden studs, then we can often remove the charred content, seal the item, and then refinish it if necessary. Agitation, in one way or another, can be one of the most effective methods to use when removing charred material.

In situations where the charred materials are in-depth, sanding can be used to remove it. In cases where the charring is not as deep, steel scrub brushes can be used to remove the burnt materials. In other situations, soda blasting or dry ice blasting can be useful when removing charred materials.

Our team of restoration experts knows the best ways to save your possessions and building materials by removing the charring, sealing, and refinishing the items. To receive the best results after suffering from a fire, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 24/7 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss Cleaning Residues Left Behind After A Electrical Fire in Your Chicago Home

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Electrical Fire in Home The certified technicians arrive quickly and make the fire loss “Like it never even happened.”

Cleaning Residues Left Behind After Electrical Fires in Chicago Properties

According to the Electrical Fire Safety Commission, Fire damage caused by residential electrical fires are the third most common type of residential fire and account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year and costing property owners more than $1 billion in property damage.

There are many issues left behind to address in a Chicago home with fire damage. Unfortunately, incorrect methods for cleanup has the potential to make matters worse. That is one of the most crucial reasons to bring in a professional restoration services company.

Testing of Smoke Residues
Electrical fires leave behind different types of smoke damage and all smoke residues bond with the surfaces they come into contact with. Determining the type of smoke residues left behind on surfaces is vital for choosing the right cleaning method. Fire loss cleanup is never a one-product-fits-all task. SERVPRO technicians have multiple products and processes involved in the removal of smoke residues, including bleaching agents and enzyme treatments.

Handling Dry Smoke Residues
SERVPRO technicians know using liquid cleaners on dry smoke has the potential to ruin surfaces and drive the deposits further into walls, ceilings, and countertops. They use hand vacuums to lift it away carefully and follow up with the use of dry cleaning sponges to pick up any remaining smoke damage.

Unique Methods for Wet Smoke Residues
When cleaning this type of loss away, the residue requires lifting from the surface. The technicians do testing to see if they need to use a water-soluble or solvent-based cleaner and wipe it away by hand using sponges. This is a prevalent type of damage left behind when rubber or plastic materials burn.

Cleaning and Deodorizing
In many cases, as technicians remove smoke damage from surfaces, odors also reduce within the property. This assists with lessening the time odor control techs spend neutralizing residual smoke odors.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 is ready to clean up and restore properties with any size fire damage. The certified technicians arrive quickly and make the fire loss “Like it never even happened.”

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How a Space Heater Caused Fire Damage in Chicago

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white standing space heater Space heaters cause several fires each year. Inspect yours regularly!

Space Heater Leaves Debris in My Chicago Home

You never know just how much you have in your living room until a space heater catches on fire and leaves bits and pieces of your life lying around.  Even when first responders arrive quickly and extinguish the flames before they burn out of control, there still is much damage following the fire. Your furniture, electronics, books, and pictures may all be charred and wet, leaving you in need of a professional team to help you sort through your belongings.  

Before you discard any items, make sure to reach out to SERVPRO for your fire debris cleanup needs in Chicago.  Our technicians are trained in the restoration of fires and the eradication of fire damage and are a significant source of expertise when sorting through the remnants.  We work around the clock to have our staff available as soon as you notify us of your emergency.

Most people do not realize that pictures and books can be restored even after they have been in a fire.  Our SERVPRO crew can comb through the fire and identify those items we can salvage by applying industry best practices.  Similarly, we can identify objects that are beyond repair. Most typically, porous materials need to be discarded as soot, smoke and extinguishing agents have saturated them.  When this is the case, our team takes care of the removal and disposal of the items according to local guidelines and environmental regulations. At the same time, we work on tailoring cleaning solutions to eliminate the trace of the fire from all salvageable items.

Sometimes the most disturbing aspect of a fire can be the smell that permeates your home.  It can feel overwhelming and that it is seeping from your walls. When our SERVPRO crew comes into your home, we can tackle this by using tools such as ozone generators, air scrubbers, foggers, and charcoal-activated filters.  These techniques are all designed to neutralize and eliminate this invisible reminder of the fire.

Do not tackle fire debris cleanup on your own.  Save yourself time and effort by letting the experts restore your home as soon as possible.  SERVPRO of Evergreen Park/South Chicago City is ready by calling (773) 337-3900. Like you, we strive to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”  

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After A Fire Damage Disaster In Your Chicago Home, You Need To Contact Our Professionals!

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flames on a black background For SERVPRO, the goal is to return each home to a clean, odor-free environment as quickly as possible.

Fire Damage Cleaning And Restoration For Chicago Homes

With a metropolitan area of over 10 million people, there are more residences at risk for fire in Chicago than almost anywhere else in the U.S. Each home and fire are a little different due what is consumed by the heat and flames, but certain areas, like ceilings, always require cleaning unless they were physically damaged.

Smoke generated by fires always leave some residue deposits on ceilings. If they are constructed of drywall or wood panels, and not drop-ceiling tiles, then cleaning them is far more cost-effective than replacing them. Cleaning ceiling panels after fire damage in Chicago homes fall into two categories for SERVPRO response teams: Clean For No Paint and Clean For Paint.

The first category is when the ceiling has a small, or light, amount of residues and does not require repainting afterward. In these homes, specially trained Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians or FSRTs use dry sponges to wipe the ceilings clean. For slightly stickier residues, they add water or a very mild cleaning agent to break them up for removal with the sponges. For high ceilings, FSRTs attach a long handle to a sponge mop-head for dry or wet cleaning.

The second, Clean For Paint, category requires the same actions as the first, but with additional work as well. For these moderate-to-heavy residues, the ceiling has to be more than clean to the naked eye. SERVPRO technicians have to deodorize the ceiling surfaces and neutralize the acids contained in ash and other residue deposits.

They can use a cleaner with both a deodorizing and neutralizing agent, but if the smoke penetrated deeply, FSRTs use a fogger that can get into the surfaces as far as it did. After that, technicians use a sealant such as a pigmented alcohol shellac which provides an excellent surface for paint.

For SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City, the goal is to return each home in our area, Calumet City, Lansing, and West Englewood to a clean, odor-free environment as quickly as possible. To schedule a service call and begin the restoration process, call our office today at (773) 337-3900.

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Our Fire Damage Specialists Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Chicago Home!

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smoke on a black background Once your home in Chicago sustains fire damage, the smell of smoke and soot can linger.

Getting Odors Caused By Fire Damage Under Control In A Chicago Residence

Most disasters that harm a house also create odor-causing particles to form. When your Chicago home becomes inundated with these particles, sharp and unpleasant odors begin to get more pronounced.

Once your home in Chicago sustains fire damage, the smell of smoke and soot can linger. These odors only slightly improve when the air becomes less moist or when the temperature decreases, but never truly disappears. Structural mitigation and restoration does very little, and sometimes nothing at all, to alleviate an odor problem that can make your family miserable.

Heavy odors like the ones that come from soot particles left behind by burning plastics and other synthetics can make food taste bad, your clothing smell, and even cause health effects in some individuals. SERVPRO's Odor Control Technician (OCT) can eliminate the odors ruining your enjoyment of your home.

As we carry out fire damage mitigation, we eliminate most of the smoke residue. Some areas remain inaccessible, and these are all over your home's interior. If your ventilation system was running during the fire (heating, cooling, bathroom or kitchen exhaust), soot could have found its way inside and into adjacent areas. Hollow areas behind cabinets, above ceilings, and inside walls hide continually disintegrating soot particles.

Our OCT uses a technique to get to these particles wherever they might hide. Instead of removing them manually, thermal fogging eliminates their ability to return to your home's air. The forced mist spreads out in the same way the smoke did, and while still hot, its components chemically bond with any loose soot particles encountered. The added weight makes it impossible for the soot to get lifted back into the air currents that travel through your home, keeping your family and guests from smelling them again.

Other areas that might hold onto odors include carpeting. While soot can remain trapped here and thermal fogging might not reach all of the residue hiding in the backing and pad underneath, we can still treat the area with potent and long-lasting liquid deodorizers. We can inject these directly into the absorbent padding. Other areas that continue to harbor odor sources often respond well to hidden gel packs, of which we have several different scents. These also last a significant amount of time.

We always discuss the needs of our customers, and adequate control of odors related to smoke and soot is no different. Our experts want to make sure you're completely satisfied with our services. Call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City at (773) 337-3900 to make sure that every aspect of your home's fire damage mitigation, including the elimination of odors, is handled professionally and by skilled specialists.

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Don't Fret After A Fire In Your Chicago Home Call Our Team At SERVPRO

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room charred and covered in soot damage Call us when you need help getting your home back in shape after such a disaster.

Clean Up Tasks Related To A House Fire In Chicago Can Become A Messy Chore

One of the most terrifying disasters that can happen at home involves fire. Even small fires in a Chicago home that remain contained can make a terrible mess – large fires can create severe hazards and contamination risks that make clean-up difficult.

Homeowners want to get things cleaned up as fast as possible after a fire in Chicago. Smoke deposited everywhere in the home becomes easily spread from one location to another with the slightest touch. Sooty grime can ruin the luster on portrait frames, gradually becoming more embedded in grooves and creases.

Not only does the soot create a severe odor problem in the home, but it steadily dries, making it more difficult to remove. SERVPRO works to rid your home of this and get things bright and beautiful again, “Like it never even happened.” Other aspects that we remedy include the water used to put the fire out in your home.

Water left behind by the fire department can cause rusting of metal hinges on your doors. This water can also cause wooden pieces in your home to swell and crack. We use specialized drying equipment to ensure your home becomes dry as well as clean again. We remove moisture from walls, ceilings, floors, and the air. Personal belongings can also hold onto water that condensed and then seeped into their surfaces. We can dry these in special chambers designed to get them dry quickly. We also remove soot from these items and make them usable again.

Odor control can become a crucial comfort issue for your family after a fire. The odor comes from the soot particles. Even after we clean up the visible soot, much soot remains hidden and out of sight. Air currents still lift these small particles up and into the air. When you breathe these in, you detect them as an odor. Thermal fogging carried out by our IICRC certified Odor Control Technician (OCT) can rid your home of these odors relatively quickly.

Cleaning up everything after a fire is much more than removing the soot from your soot-covered belongings and removing charred and burned sections of your home. SERVPRO provides our customers with services that help make their property livable again, safe, and comfortable. This helps families move forward and forget about the tragedy of a fire.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City helps those in Dolton, Mount Greenwood, and Beverly with clean up services after a fire. Call us at (773) 337-3900 when you need help getting your home back in shape after such a disaster.

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How Equipment Used for Home Deodorization in Chicago Can Make a Home Smell Great After a Fire

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room with charred items covered in soot damage Fire damage can affect BOTH the contents and the structure of your home. Call SERVPRO right away to assess and remediate.

Deodorizing Your Chicago Home - The Best Equipment Used By Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Did you know that in two minutes a small fire can turn into a life-threatening situation? Not taking immediate action in the next five minutes can lead to your Chicago home burning down. Making that lifesaving call to the local fire department can save you and your family. If the damage is not extensive, your home is easy to restore back to the pre-fire damage condition. Before entering your home, removal of the smoke odor is a must. Here are three deodorization equipment used by fire damage restoration technicians.

Ozone machine
Using the ozone machine by fire damage technicians in your Chicago home eliminates odors caused by mold and fire. As a portable unit, it works by generating ozone, an unstable gas composed of oxygen molecules. The gas reacts with smoke odor oxidizing the residue and removing it. Before turning on the machine, SERVPRO restoration experts ensure no pets, people or plants are present. After completion of the deodorization process, the gas reverts to normal oxygen.

Electric sprayer
SERVPRO fire damage experts also use the electric sprayer to dispense chemicals. It does this at 50 psi. During restoration, we spray the chemical directly on the surface. The electric sprayer method is applied to heavily charred structural components or carpets. When sprayed, the chemical wets the surface. This is the reason why we only use it on surfaces with little or no potential of discoloring.

Ventilation box fan
Unlike the ozone machine, the ventilation box fan generates airflow at great velocity. With a velocity range of 3,000 to 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute, the machine works by removing odor, vapors, and fumes. To ventilate and deodorize fire damages, thermal fogging is necessary. To ensure complete removal of all smoke odor and residue, the exchange of air must be done 40 times. The ventilation box fan is also useful when drying a wet structure after firefighting. To dry the structure completely, the machine introduces dry air from outdoors.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City is a trusted leader in the fire damage restoration industry that homeowners have come to rely on. To get rid of smoke odor professionally, call our 24/7 emergency line at (773) 337-3900.

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Dealing With Fire Damage For Chicago Residents

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flames on a black background Most home fires are relatively small and contained quickly.

Dealing With Fire Damage

Most home fires are relatively small and contained quickly. However, in spite of a small blaze smoke can travel throughout your home causing extensive damage. When materials burn the smoke, composed mainly of carbon, can pick up toxins from that particular material and deposit them causing bad, although rarely harmful, smells to remain long after the fire has gone.

We learn about the behavior of smoke to ensure that homes dealing with the aftermath of fire damage in Chicago get the best possible service. Smoke residues from the burning of natural materials like woods or paper can usually be easily wiped away using wet cleaning methods. However, when synthetic materials burn the smoke is thicker leaving odorous deposits in places you might not see.

Smoke travels by convection, the process by which hot air rises and pushes cold air beneath it. Convection is why the predominant areas of damage in a fire are ceilings. It's also why you are taught to crawl to safety in a fire. The temperature of the fire determines how hard the smoke is pushed up against a surface and therefore how much residue it deposits onto that surface.

Since smoke always travels by convection, it makes smoke damage easy to predict. It is likely that any free upper airspace contains a thick deposit of smoke, especially in smaller cavities such as the gap between the home appliance and wall. SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize the way smoke behaves which allows us to find smoke where you would not usually think to look.

Taking an educated approach is an essential part of what we do. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified before working on the job. It is this training that allows us to deliver an extensive assessment and comprehensive restoration service to our communities.

Within one hour of notification of loss, we can arrange for a SERVPRO technician to contact you for service. Within 4 hours we can arrive on site and begin mitigating loss. After that, we can pre-test your contents for the extent, and type of smoke damage, before embarking on a full restoration, cleaning and deodorizing of your home and contents after fire damage.

If you need a professional to help cope with the damage left behind by a fire, call SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City 24 hours a day on (773) 337-3900.

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Return Your Property to Its Pre-loss State after Fire Damage in Chicago

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bathroom with blue walls covered in soot damage House fires can leave a big part of your home unrecognizable. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and restoration services to get the house looking great.

Team SERVPRO Arrives With the Training and Equipment to Tackle the Damage Left by a Fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 1,342,000 fires were reported in the US back in 2016, and 475,500 were structural fires. That shows how severe fire damage is and the need to have working options if you ever experience such incidents. Professionals in the industry offer critical restoration services which can help you return your Chicago home to its preloss state if you ever go through such experiences.
If you decide to work with SERVPRO as your restoration service provider once you experience fire damage in your Chicago property, there are certain things you should expect. The moment we arrive at your home, we first find and identify the type of residues, and this helps us to determine the most suitable cleaning process to use. Dissolving and vacuuming are the most common techniques we use to capture and remove smoke particles from the site.
There are certain aspects we look at before we decide on vacuuming as a technique. For instance, the residues need to be dry and loosely attached to the surfaces for the method to be efficient. When there is moisture, there is a possibility of the surfaces absorbing the particles, hence making it difficult to remove.
Before our SERVPRO technicians remove soils and residues that are firmly attached to the surfaces, there is a need to perform dissolving. When we dissolve them, we weaken the bond connecting the particles to the area, and that makes it possible for a cleaning product to flush away the dirt. We are careful when choosing the solvents we use since we understand that some of them can react with surfaces and lead to further damage.
Once we capture the residues, our SERVPRO technicians follow the local regulations and dispose of the particles. When then perform deodorization to neutralize the odors and improve the quality of air in the building. Deodorants also have antimicrobial properties that prevent the possibility of mold growth.
SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City offers proven mold, storm, fire and water damage restoration. Call us at (773) 337-3900 when you need services from a trusted industry leader, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.”
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You can breathe easier when you call SERVPRO after fire damage

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room with charred items covered in soot damage SERVPRO removes odors that remain after a fire

SERVPRO is the only one to call after a fire

Your Chicago home never gets repaired for some of the disasters that it might get asked to face in its life. An occurrence like fire, even one that does not leave widespread damages, could prove difficult to live with over even a short time. Lingering effects like foul odors and soot or smoke damage might not impede your ability to remain in your home after a blaze, but it can make comfortable living impossible.

Foul odors are one of the most typical complaints that our SERVPRO professionals hear about in Chicago homes that have recently been affected by fire damages. These odors that hang around after a fire can get attributed to the charring of various contents in your house as well as the extinguishing efforts used to quell the flames. Whatever the primary cause of the scent, it is difficult to move on from the traumatic occurrence with this annoying reminder every time you get near the affected areas.

Our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home and immediately get to work on assessing the scope of the damage that your home faces, and drawing up a list of the necessary restoration processes that have to happen to bring your home back to pre loss condition. During this inspection, areas affected by a noxious odor get noted, and a plan gets devised to remedy this concern.

Cleaning the area from the soot and fire damages can help to limit these lingering scents, but they are often stubborn and challenging to get rid of by traditional means. Our team uses thermal foggers with a stable chemical compound that reacts with the molecules of the foul scent and neutralizes them on contact. This process is suitable for open areas as well as concentrated deodorizing on specific materials and contents within the affected areas.

Working to bring your home back from fire damages can be a challenge if you try it all on your own. Trust our SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City team of restoration specialists to help you restore your home back to the way it was while also helping to streamline this process with your respective insurance provider. Give us a call anytime you need us at (773) 337-3900.

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Responding To Fire Damage Throughout The Chicago Area

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

white brick house with a fire blazing SERVPRO can provide you with all of the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to restore your home to a quality pre-fire damage condition.

Responding To Fire Damage

Should a fire disaster occur in your Chicago area home, it is important to remember that time plays a significant role in restoring your property to a quality pre-fire damage condition. You must act fast and make decisions that help control the level of damage you experience.

You want access to a company that offers 24-hour emergency response services addressing fire damage throughout the Chicago area. A trusted company that has employees with the experience and training to address damages to furniture and other household belongings to help you get things back to normal, fast.

There are plenty of calls to make after a fire occurs on your property, first to 911 for emergency assistance with dousing the flames, then to your insurance company to obtain the financial help you need to begin your home’s restoration. SERVPRO can provide you with all of the personnel, equipment, and resources needed to restore your damaged home to a quality pre-fire damage condition.

However, making the appropriate preparations can drastically reduce any losses you experience. Install safety devices and educate the entire family regarding a general escape plan, fire extinguisher locations, and what everyone’s immediate reaction to emergency situations should be. Nothing beats being proactive in your fight against fire damage on your property.

It helps to have a pre-existing relationship with your local SERVPRO. We can inspect your property for problems that already exist and help you determine which steps to take to deal with the situation you are currently facing. You gain the opportunity to share valuable information about your property while receiving the assistance you need to get ahead of situations that may spin out of control.

SERVPRO technicians are IICRC-industry certified and put an advanced cleaning, deodorization, and restoration technique to work for you. We tackle fire damage found on your property as quickly and efficiently as possible and work with your insurance company to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

SERVPRO of Evergreen Park / South Chicago City provides fire damage solutions for Calumet City, Dolton, and Morgan Park, along with several other local communities that we call home (773) 337-3900.

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Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Tips to Help Protect Your Chicago Area Home

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

several cords plugged into a power strip Overloading electrical outlets can often lead to electrical fires in your home.

Contacting SERVPRO Can Help Protect Your Home from Fire Damage

You can avoid fire damage in your Chicago area home by following a few fire prevention tips that most professionals highly recommend. Practicing proper fire safety etiquette and having a pre-existing relationship with your local restoration company can reduce your losses and recovery time drastically. 

Your actions and the choices you make have a direct impact on how susceptive your Chicago area home is to fire damage. Learning what to do or not to do during certain situations helps keep your family safe and prevents severe damage to the property that you call home.

SERVPRO technicians can help provide you with the answers you need to protect you and your family during emergency situations that might occur. You may even find us hosting fire safety events to help inform residents and property owners alike to the risks fire poses to your community. 

Consider implementing some simple, yet significant, precautionary measures that help prevent fires in your home. Never leave stoves unattended and always keep your countertops free of flammable cooking products, objects, or supplies. Remain as safe as possible, maintaining a clean, sanitary, and disaster-free cooking environment in your home.

Ask a qualified professional, like those offered at SERVPRO, how to handle or store propane, coal, or accelerants used for grilling correctly. Getting advice specific to your situation can help you avoid injury, death, or extensive damage that can cause your family to lose more than their home.

Help avoid overloading electrical outlets that often lead to electrical fires in your home. Portable AC units, heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers can cause significant problems if misused. Also, remember to check each electronic device for frayed cords or cracked plugs to avoid additional problems.

SERVPRO can help homeowners located existing hazards, learn how to store boxes and cherished items correctly while also maintaining a fire-safe home. You should make an emergency plan that helps each member of your family remain safe, install the proper smoke detectors and fire extinguishing equipment and help everyone get used to implementing fire prevention tips in your home.

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New Years Resolutions To Avert Fire Damage In Chicago

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

flames on a black background Open flames of all sizes can directly lead to significant fire damage in your Chicago home.

Fire Damage

New Years' resolutions are a staple of many Americans' holiday seasons when decisions are made to fundamentally change the lives of those making them for the better. While we often struggle to maintain and meet up to our expectations, these resolutions can be very beneficial and impactful if heeded at all. In the interest of your home and family, we recommend adding in a few changes to reduce your risk of incurring fire damage in Chicago. Make these alterations to your lifestyle and home, and you should not need the help of SERVPRO for a long time.

Being Careful With Flame
Open flames of all sizes can directly lead to significant fire damage in your Chicago home. From candles to stovetops to hearths, anything in your home that produces an open flame could represent an enormous fire hazard. In general, we recommend keeping the use of these devices to a minimum, but instead of giving up your habits entirely, consider making them more safe and well-contained. Make sure the fireplace has a suitable barrier, preferably of glass, that prevents stray flames and embers from reaching out. Never let candles and kitchen appliances run without your presence in the room. Little changes like these can make a big difference in the future.

Cleaning Up Around The Home
Keeping your home neat and clean not only makes it look better and more livable but also reduces your risk of fire damage. Many fires start because of excess dirt and clutter in a home, and can easily be averted with a reduction to these factors. Keep the home clean for added safety in 2018.

Perform Monthly Maintenance
Conducting monthly maintenance checks and runs could be the key to keeping your home safe and free from the effects of fire and other damage. Every month or two, inspect essential safety devices such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and any relevant escape routes to make sure they are ready and able to react to disaster. Just thirty minutes per year could avert a disaster that might otherwise cost thousands to clean up.

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